Lifetime Equine Refuge - Saving America's Horses Winter Storm Update

March 31, 2017, Riverside, CA –  Lifetime Equine Refuge - Saving America's Horses Winter Storm Update 
After a nearly seven-year drought, the weather pendulum turned the other direction this winter season with unrelenting torrential rains unleashed from the tropics pounding WFLF’s Anza-Borrego, California facilities with a series of extreme winter storms. By Jan 27, 2017 the season Anza’s rain total had already exceeded 12.5” followed by potentially the biggest storm in 12 years which crashed into Southern California in February bringing heavy rain, high winds, and mud slides prompting evacuations, blocking roads, downing trees and knocking out power.  “The biggest storm in February hit us with over 8 inches of rain in less than 48 hours,” said WFLF vice president Jay Coskie. Winds whipped across Southern California with gusts of 50 mph to 80 mph and knocked down multiple power lines leaving more than 135,000 customers with no power. The extreme storms have prompted rescues and injuries from flooding and toppled trees. Authorities say hundreds of trees and power lines have been downed, according to the AP.

It’s been one heck of an extreme storm season for WFLF’s Lifetime Equine Refuge this winter. So big that our Anza-Borrego equine rescue facility had to close for several months due to extreme damage, power outages, washed out roads and access ways, as announced by the management team. Never fear, WFLF’s educational programming has resumed but as always, patience has been the key for the safety the equine residents through these trying times.

Safety is the first concern for WFLF’s family of equines, visitors and staff. Therefore WFLF management had requested for only specific operational staff comes to Lifetime Equine Refuge and that all tours to the facilities canceled until further notice. “Persistent heavy rains, flash flooding, high winds, mud slides and debris flows wreaked havoc on our operations which resulted in permanent damage to key sections of our facilities including layup, feed and training areas,” said director Katia Louise.  WFLF crews have been working around the clock fighting conditions and clearing debris and mud for months now.  "We have been chasing the needed repairs days and night. There is only so much we can do," Louise added.

“Those of us in remote areas have had to make due on our own. There were even many times when members of operational staff could not get to us.” Local roads and the access roads within WFLF’s facilities were washed out completely. Whole sections of WFLF’s facility were cut off – one side from the other.  “Conditions were such that we hand shoveled mud in the pouring rain oftentimes through the night, hand filling in washed out flood ways with rocks, firewood and whatever we could get our hands on so that we could maintain access for continued provision of care for our family of equines horses in the stable areas on the other side of the ranch.”
Life-threatening flooding walloped Southern California – RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA – PHOTO: Massive water flow on a driveway bridge. Image via Kevin C. Related: Man's Body Found In Rainbow Creek Near Temecula; Recovery Efforts Resume For Reportedly Missing Child. Multiple rounds of heavy rain and mountain snow have slammed into California – Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said.

“Numerous National Weather Service warnings came one after the other with sudden on slots of high wind gusts of up to 80 mph, thunderstorms, snow, torrential rains and flooding our facility where the grounds were already saturated just below the side of steep slopes where canyons runoffs create a perfect recipe for mudslides," WFLF vice president Jay Coskie said. The National Weather Service urged residents to take immediate precautions to protect themselves and their property. “These heavy rainfalls have had a hard time absorbing into the soil and with each passing storm we’ve experienced mounting incidents of flooding, mudslides and debris flow,” added director, Katia Louise. The waves of torrential rain on the steep mountain slope which continue straight up from our facility have caused continued wash outs with surface and debris flow which have inundated the low-water crossings and river gulches created by the pockets of dangerous, swift-water stretches." Mountains and foothills in particular get dumped on as confirmed by Kathy Hoxsie, meteorologist with the National Weather Service. “Mountains are all oriented perfectly to help squeeze out, very effectively, the moisture."

Multiple natural slides made travel extremely dangerous during the storms, if not impossible, over the mountain roads and hampered the efforts of road crews. Hazardous flooding and mud issues and slides have affected the entire state. Meteorologists reports have confirmed the record siege of storms have virtually wiped out the long-term drought conditions across California. "This facility will never be the same," said director Katia Louise.

"We are pleased to report that all the horses fared through the ordeal without any injuries, but we are not out of the dark and need support in covering losses and costs for damages resulting from these relentless winter storms." The good news is that we are now able to safely relocate remainder our equines residents as needed, but financial support is needed to help pay for transport costs. Nearly three months have been lost and the need for urgent funds is more crucial than ever. 

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CALL TO ACTION: Protect Animal Cruelty Victims from Perpetrators of Malicious Harm

CALL TO ACTION: Protect Animal Cruelty Victims from Perpetrators of Malicious Harm

March 9, 2017 Riverside, CA - Urgent CALL TO ACTION - Keep innocent victimized animals out of the clutches of cruelty and neglect perpetrators!

The Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) is calling on all humanitarians, animal lovers and caring and compassionate members of the horse and burro communities to unite and stand strong against malicious acts of harm which threaten innocent animal victims' health, safety and future welfare by supporting WFLF's Legal Protection and Defense Fund.

Tax deductible donations can be made securely online or by mail and will instantly help to serve justice for neglect and cruelty victims whose very lives are under threat right now.

Cinco, pictured here just after his rescue, shows you the state these help  less creatures were discovered in by WFLF. There were approximately 150 stranded Mustangs crammed together on a feedlot where there was no running water and no hay. Cinco, a newborn foal languished, pinned beneath a fence post , trapped since birth and in severe distress.

Cinco and the last of the surrendered survivors have fully recovered and are thriving as a result of WFLF's rescue and sanctuary mission - thanks to you - BUT NOW HIS FUTURE MAY BE AT RISK AGAIN!

We need you now, more than ever, to be sure that justice is served ... to be sure that animals like
poor Cinco won't be stripped away from his safe and loving home, so he won't EVER have to suffer or be threatened by threats of harm again.

Make no mistake - this is a battle for the very existence of animal welfare and rights of our community as a people to save and protect them. Any donation you make will be used to fight this urgent, precedent-setting legal battle and to support the ongoing lifesaving protective work for animals that WFLF and its Saving America's Horses program conducts every day of the year. 

Approximately 150 slaughter bound Mustangs crammed together on a feedlot where there was no running water and no hay. The surrendering owner came to us pleading for help, and we saved them all.

And now the previous owner; the one responsible for their sad faces and uncertain future, has summoned US to court in effort to get these last few thriving survivors back. And they're demanding money from WFLF in "an amount to punish" us and "set an example"!

Punish US? What about justice for Cinco and his long-suffering family? That's what you can bring about today.

Please rush your tax-deductible donation today to WFLF's Legal Protection & Defense Fund. Ensure that justice will be served for animals like Cinco, who have no one but us to speak on their behalf.


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