Lifesaving Mission to Aid America's Horses

April 9, 2014
Dear friends, animal lovers and humanitarians,
Saving America's Horses is an educational documentary film project under the Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) charity. It tells the powerful story about what's happening with our horses in this country, and it provides us with viable solutions for change. WFLF is putting those solutions into action, and with your support the Wild For Life Foundation has stepped up during very troubling times and taken responsibility for horses victimized by cruelty and displacement. Together we have saved hundreds of horses from being butchered alive - but 'rescue' is just the beginning of a long, dedicated endeavor to provide the best quality of life for these captured, abused and neglected victims. These displaced horses need us together more than ever to keep our promise so that they will never be at risk again.

Wild For Life Foundation needs your financial support, so we can continue providing for those whose lives we’ve saved together.

In addition to educating the public, WFLF saves and rehabilitates horses in need, many of which come in as starvation cases because of the tough economy. We rescue victimized wild horses who have been rounded up and are at risk of slaughter. In fact, WFLF rescue team members are working around the clock on a large scale rescue mission in New Mexico with over 100 Mustangs whose lives are in grave danger. WFLF is helping to save the Monero Mustangs from going to slaughter through the provision of lifesaving hay, vetting, transport and placement of this large herd in family bands to new safe and natural habitats where they can live out their lives as nature intended.  YOUR donation today can help save hundreds of lives.

Because of YOU and every single friend who has sent in donations, nutritious hay is being delivered to feed and save these and other imperiled Mustangs! However, this recent outpouring of support doesn’t mean Wild For Life Foundation is safe.  It costs more than a third of a million dollars to feed, house and care for 100 rescue horses each year. Each rescue horse costs WFLF about $350 a month to take care of, which by comparison to many other programs is half of the cost per horse. That's because we do everything possible to keep expenses down and make your donation dollars go as far as possible for the horses. We are a volunteer based charity and our expert team of dedicated board members and staff contributions of time and talent are all donated.

America’s horses need your help! Never before has there been a need so great for the protection of America’s horses. We receive heartbreaking calls and emails every single day, and knowing these horses will go to slaughter - and understanding the unspeakable torture they are forced to endure is more than most people can bear. We cry every time we have to say ‘no’.

 YOU make it possible for Wild for Life Foundation to save horses’ lives. We can’t do this work without you.

Since founded in 2008, the Wild for Life Foundation, in just a few short years, has become internationally recognized as a leader in animal welfare. Since we began, the number of animals coming into our program has grown exponentially, from just a few animals annually to more than one hundred each year. We’ve conducted undercover investigations; we’ve exposed cruelty, and held equine abusers to account. We’ve turned up the heat on the insidious trade of horsemeat; and have inspired more Americans to make compassionate, cruelty-free choices. Through our educational media program, WFLF’s multi-international-award winning film, SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES has become a powerful podium with a dynamic reach to animal lovers worldwide.

While the Wild For Life Foundation has met these challenges, continued donations are needed to keep up with the exploding demand.  The Wild for Life Foundation needs your continued support in order to meet the needs of the animals we serve.

The Wild For Life Foundation relies 100% on tax deductible donations from caring and compassionate people like you. Please consider making a meaningful donation today.

Your contribution of any size will make a difference!

Katia Louise
President, Founder and volunteer Executive Director
The Wild for Life Foundation
Saving America’s Horses
Lifetime Equine Refuge
Office: 310.439.9817

Please make checks payable to “Wild for Life Foundation”. Mailing address: 19510 Van Buren Blvd, Ste F3236, Riverside, CA 92508.  Donate online or by phone. We accept Visa/ MasterCard/ Discover/ America Express: Phone: 310.439.9817.
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The Wild for Life Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charity which relies solely on donations. EIN: 26-3052458 Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES, the movie is an educational multi-media project under the WILD FOR LIFE FOUNDATION  and WFLF'S SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES INITIATIVE is an international consortium of scientists, equine welfare experts, researchers, and horse advocates working together to promote wild horse conservation and preservation initiatives with a focus on the prevention of equine cruelty.