Saving America's Horses Presents at the 2014 EAGALA Conference

Saving America's Horses
At the 2014 EAGALA Conference

Saving America's Horses Presents at the 2014 EAGALA Conference: The Wild for Life Foundation and Saving America's Horses is honored to partner with the The American Association of Equine Sports Preservation (AAESP) to present and exhibit at the 15th Annual EAGALA conference. The American Association of Equine Sports Preservation showcases equine-assisted programs that help children with autism, military veterans, and other victims of post-traumatic stress disorder. "We are pleased to report an overwhelming response to SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES, the featurette at the 2014 EAGALA Conference," said Katia Louise, international ward winning filmmaker. The SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES featurette, (a short version of the full length movie) screened at the EAGALA 15th Annual Conference in Mesquite, TX to a full house. Filmmaker Katia Louise joined the viewers live for a brief Q & A via telecom following the screening.  WFLF's EAGALA conference booth provided visitors with educational materials about the issues that impact the safety and welfare and America's horses most urgently.  

“We are delighted to see the outpouring of support for this extremely important cause,” added Katia Louise. “SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES is a powerhouse narrative. It takes in every aspect and tells its story with intelligence and a deep-running composure.” -Paula Bacon, former Mayor Kaufman TX.  

Many thanks to Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) BOD Rob Pliskin, MSSA, LSW, CDCA, EAGALA Educator, for Presenting the SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES featurette, together with other clips including the recent arrival of 17 rescued Navajo fillies and colts by WFLF to Bonsall, CA.
You can meet Rob Pliskin at the upcoming WFLF Spring Benefit Event in San Diego, CA on March 29th.   

Wild for Life Foundation is expanding its equine assisted learning programs in conjunction with its Equine Sanctuary facility in San Diego, CA. The successful placement of rehabilitated rescue horses in turn serve community needs through therapy programs as they re-enter equine communities.  The new Sanctuary Preserve will become a permanent home for many rescued wild horses and also provide community enrichment services through innovative programs including EAGALA to benefit youth, adults and veterans.   

Uniting People and Horses as Partners in Healing
Wild for Life Foundation is expanding its equine sanctuary programs and facilities in conjunction with its equine assisted learning programs so we can save more lives. In the year 2012, WFLF began development of our vision for the new millennium, the western regional equine preserve plan comprised of natural habitat preserves and captive wildlife sanctuaries providing permanent homes for America's imperiled wild equines. Phase one of the plan includes the acquisition of new facilities in North County San Diego, CA where the mild climate, lush vegetation and rolling hills of the proposed WFLF Serenity Center are the perfect setting for an animal sanctuary and small preserve.

The sanctuary center will become the new home base for WFLF's Healing Hearts equine assisted learning and wellness program where horses and people are partners in healing.

Learn about WFLF's new sanctuary preserve center project: