Update: Navajo Horse Rescue and Recovery Mission (NHRRM)

WFLF NHRRM, Oct 19, 2013 -Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) is pleased to report that the foals are doing well overall as a group, however there are still some needing special veterinary medical care and the majority of them will need to remain on special milk replacer feed and foal lac for another 1-2 months. Just to show how delicate these little ones are after losing their mothers so young, one of the littlest ones, Morning
StarGlow, took a turn this week. She was just 6 weeks old when she lost her mother to slaughter. Despite the 24/7 expert care these foal have received, within just a few days after being evacuated little Morning Starglow was rushed to the local veterinary hospital where she received emergency treatment and was admitted. She will continue to be monitored and receive veterinary medical care, I.V. fluids and antibiotics at the vet hospital for the next several days. Please donate to help support Morning StarsGlow's full recovery.

Morning Star, the twin to Morning StarGlow, and Aiyana, are two of the littlest and youngest foals who were recently transferred to CA under the WFLF Safe Haven Rescue and Recovery Program. Morning Star and Aiyana like many of the others are extremely fragile, and will remain on a special combination feed / milk replacer diet, plus foal lac and colostrum. These two had begun to eat some hay but it didn't work out.  Their systems just weren't ready yet. The vet was called out, did a full blood panel as a precaution and they're now being treated with antibiotics as well.  They are improving, but it's a slow delicate process. Each day presents a new set of circumstances.

Wild for Life Foundation recently rescued 17 orphaned Navajo foals out of New Mexico. The foals, ages 2-5 months had been orphaned as a result of the U.S. government funded Navajo roundups which the vast majority of Navajo people oppose. "This is just the beginning for most of them," says Katia Louise, president of the Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF). "It's going to take months for some of these little ones to heal, build their strength up and overcome the injuries they sustained during the roundups."   You can help save these little innocent orphaned foals by making a donation today.

Your kind and generous support will help insure little Morning StarsGlow and the other orphaned Navajo foals continue to receive the crucial medical care, nutritious milk replacer - feed, hay and supplements they need.

Please keep sharing to keep those donations coming in as this is still considered a crisis situation. Click here to make a donation.  Funds raised are directly paying for their immediate needs including vet medical care and foal feed.

Under the leadership of Katia Louise, WFLF organized the Navajo Horses Rescue and Recovery Mission as a collaborative effort to save the lives of these and other majestic and sacred wild horses and burros who have been victimized by the highly contested U.S. government funded Navajo roundups. Volunteer rescuers of the Navajo Horse Rescue and Recovery Mission have put their lives on hold to rescue, recover and evacuate survivors, and insure they will never be subject to roundup or slaughter again.
You can help save these innocent and sacred wild Navajo horses and burros by giving to this mission.

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Navajo Horses Rescue and Recovery Mission

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