8 Horses and a Donkey Saved from the Brink of Death

8 Horses and a Donkey Saved from the Brink of Death are recovering and will soon be ready to go into new homes.

WFLF Lifetime Equine Refuge rescue workers and volunteers are putting their lives on hold to rescue, care and love the 8 horses and a donkey recently rescued in the Greater Los Angeles/ Southern California area. And with your compassionate help, these precious equines won't just survive; they'll thrive.

The Wild for Life Foundation recently received several calls about 8 starving and
neglected horses and one abandoned donkey in life threatening situations and that needed urgent rescue and medical care. Although several of the starving animals were part of a Riverside County seizure case and in extremely poor condition, rescue teams from The Wild for Life Foundation's Lifetime Equine Refuge together with the kind assistance of WFLF Safe Haven Network volunteers, we are nursing them all back to health. The donkey and some of the horses still have months of recuperation ahead of them, but thanks to the intensive care are receiving we anticipate that they will all recover fully from the abuses of their previous lives.

 If you have room in your barn and your heart for just one more, you can make a big difference providing short or long term foster care.  With your help, these horses and others like them will always be safe and cared for. If you are interested in helping out by fostering or adopting a rescue horse, or volunteering your time to help with feed and care, please reach out to us directly at the Wild for Life Foundation's Lifetime Equine Refuge. 

You can also join WFLF's Safe Haven Network With your help, these equines and many others like them can be placed in safe and loving new forever homes.  

Sponsors are needed too! You can help rescue horses in need by sponsoring their feed, or a portion of their boarding fees, or rehab, or even their training. 

Meet "Glimmering Hope"!  Hope is a darling Quarter Horse yearling whose mother died shortly after she was born. She had been considered a "throw away", but all Hope needed was some love, feed and someone to spend time with her. This sweet little orphan filly is now receiving all that and more through WFLF's Lifetime Equine Refuge, but she will soon be ready to spread her wings.  Hope would make a nice trail riding or companion horse. She just needs a sponsor to help cover her basic expenses during her rehab. You can help Hope today with a donation to WFLF's rescue and recovery fund.

Sophina and Buttercup were seized from their former owners in a neglect and abuse case. They were victims of severe starvation, but are now receiving love and plenty of fresh and nutritious feed and hay, thanks to the kind and generous support from an anonymous supporter in WFLF's Safe Haven Network. 
It can take several months to a year for a horse to regain weight after being severely starved. Sophina, seen in the photo on the right, is gradually putting on the weight she needs. 

Sophina and Buttercup will remain in special care for another couple months until their body weight is stabilized. These mares are both in their early 20's and will need a safe place to call home once they complete their recovery. If you would like to adopt or provide long-term  foster care for Sophina and Buttercups, or other horses like them, contact WFLF-LER info@lifetimeequinerefuge.org.

Marley is a wooly donkey now under the care of WFLF Lifetime Equine Refuge.  Marley is a victim of abandonment and neglect, but together, we are saving his life and helping him heal. Marley has large infected wounds on both his front legs but is responding well to his medical treatments. He is receiving lots of TLC at Lifetime Equine Refuge.   Your support today for Marley will help cover his medical costs so that he can soon transition to a new forever home with a qualified adopter. He is halter broke and leads well, and trailers like a champ. Marley would make a wonderful companion donkey to other smaller equines.   Please make a donation to help support Marley's full recovery.

WFLF Lifetime equine Refuge is taking donations and pledges for foster care, and assistance to help save these equines' lives.  Please act now to make a difference. Time is of the essence.

As always, thank you for caring.  Your support makes our work possible.

The Team at Lifetime equine Refuge
Wild for Life Foundation

June 28, 2013