Meet Carmel: Saving America's Horses' Hero for Horses Ambassador

Meet Carmel: Saving America's Horses' Hero for Horses Ambassador

Carmel is a Thoroughbred racehorse with a winning track record, but she, like 1000's of other Thoroughbreds in the U.S. was not provided protection, safety and welfare following the end of her career.
Carmel was sold at auction for slaughter, but just before being shipped she was rescued by Wild for Life Foundation. Though she was underweight and traumatized from the ordeal, she has made a full recovery.
Meet Carmel, SAH's Ambassador Hero for Horses
Thanks to the generous donations of supporters like you, WFLF's Lifetime Equine Refuge has been able to provide Carmel the guarantee of lifetime care.

Lifetime Equine Refuge together with the Saving America's Horses initiative is proud to welcome Carmel as the new Ambassador of the Hero for Horses campaign which will help launch the landmark film, "Saving America's Horses - A Nation Betrayed" into the mainstream.

Thousands of America’s horses — all types and disciplines, continue to suffer on U.S. soil; wild horses are being stampeded down icy lava fields by helicopter, all breeds stockpiled into feedlots, and crammed into double-deck cattle trailers for days on end, in record freezing temperatures without medical care, food or rest. Only a federal ban can protect our horses from the violent and destructive predatory trade of horse slaughter.

Saving America's Horses is an intelligent and hard hitting expose` that will wake up and shake up the public so that they will take the action needed to get the federal protection bills passed.

Plans are being put into action to bring this extremely compelling film resource to the policymakers and to the public at large with distribution targeted for 2012. Wild for Life Foundation is asking for your help to bring this landmark film recourse to the public release with a donation today.

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