Funding for inspections of horse slaughter in the U.S.

Good news! Great work! Thanks for your calls :) Funding for inspections of horse slaughter in the U.S. will not take place. We still need to protect our horses from being shipped over federal borders though and strong support is needed to make that happen.

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Urgent call to Action

Please watch this 1 minute PSA then call your representatives first thing Tuesday May 31st!

Legislation voted on Tuesday that could fund horse slaughter in the U.S. with your tax dollars

Call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-2131 or the Committee's number at (202) 225-2638.
(202) 225-2771 for Republicans
(202) 225-3481 for Democrats


Return of commercial horse slaughter to the U.S.?

Calls Needed TUESDAY to STOP U.S. Government from FUNDING Horse Slaughter Business!
Return of commercial horse slaughter to the U.S.?

The Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug, Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Committee has released its proposed appropriations budget for FY 2012.

The proposed bill does not include a provision de-funding inspections for horses to be slaughtered for human consumption. The proposed bill does not prohibit use of funds to inspect horses to be slaughtered for human consumption. The subcommittee report does not mention it.

It is the de-funding of these ante-mortem inspections in appropriations measures that has prohibited commercial horse slaughter for human consumption in the U.S. since 2007. Now, if the subcommittee bill passes, it could mean the return of commercial horse slaughter to the U.S.

Go here for more on the de-funding and the court decision that upheld it.

The proposed budget bill will be voted on by the full House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 5 p.m. EST in Room 2359, Rayburn House Office Building.

This meeting will be webcast. Audio and video of the hearing will be available by clicking here. Audio only will be available by clicking here.

Call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-2131 or the Committee's number at (202) 225-2638, (202) 225-2771 for Republicans and (202) 225-3481 for Democrat members. Here are the names of committee members to ask for when you call. Go here to find the direct phone numbers of committee members and for your own U.S. representative.

Tell committee members and your own U.S. representative: Vote no on the appropriations bill unless the committee retains the language defunding inspections of horses to be slaughtered for human consumption.

Please forward this message to your friends and ask them to do the same.

Sincerely, Katia Louise
Wild for Life Foundation
Director, Saving America’s Horses

Laura Allen
Animal Law Attorney
BOD: Wild for Life Foundation
Advisory Board Member: Saving America’s Horses
Founder, Director: Animal Law Coalition

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Four Awards for Saving America’s Horses from the 34th annual International Wildlife Film Festival

For Immediate Release:
(Los Angeles, CA, May 16, 2011) – Saving America’s Horses A Nation Betrayed well received by IWFF!

Saving America’s Horses A Nation Betrayed came away with four awards from the 34th annual International Wildlife Film Festival.

Winner: Cinematography, Editing, Conservation Message and Advocacy; Filmmaker Katia Louise was honored with these prestigious awards for her work amongst some of the most renowned wildlife television and film producers in the world. The film was very well received by viewers.

Powerful and compelling” - Greg MacGillivary, MacGillivary Freeman Films
A must see film” – Michael Blake, “Dances With Wolves”
Hard hitting and well done” - Janet Rose, Executive Director of IWFF

The International Wildlife Film Festival shared a strong focus on the wild horse issue as presented in the film Saving America’s Horses A Nation Betrayed. The festival was attended by Missoula's moviegoers, elite fine arts community, humanitarians and philanthropists together with an international cross section of award winning wildlife filmmakers and conservationists. During the festival’s symposium and panel presentations there were passionate and somewhat heated discussions on the topic of wild horses versus feral horses. However nobody challenged the inhumane treatment of equines through the slaughter pipeline or of wild equines during their capture by the BLM.

Several local advocates attended Saturday's screening and came back prior to Tuesday’s screenings with their horses to hold a rally downtown for the purpose of raising awareness about the film and the cause. Montana Senator Dave Wanzenried attended the rally and walked along side filmmaker Katia Louise in sync with the local advocates.

Saving America’s Horses - A Nation Betrayed is a compelling compilation of expert testimony, undercover footage and true life stories shot against the dramatic backdrops of the American countryside. Viewers will adventure across the nation's sweeping landscapes to witness the magnificence, power and free spirit of one of America’s most treasured icons, the horse.

The facts unfold in a story about the underdogs and their fight to protect today's wild Mustangs and yesterday's Thoroughbred racehorses. The untold truth as reported by the nation’s top equine experts, celebrity and grassroots horse advocates draws a sharp contrast to misleading information initiated by proponents of slaughter and propagated by the media. This film presents a focused look into an unseen world of both wild and domestic equines; an investigative exposé that unravels multiple layers of conflict with a revealing look into the hidden pipeline of horses. Great hope is presented through an inspiring and diverse call to action leaving viewers with the inspiration and knowledge to effect change and convey the same to others.

Featuring appearances with Paul Sorvino, Michael Blake, Willie Nelson, Tippi Hedren, Linda Gray, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Ken Wahl, The Barbi Twins, Amy & Raelyn Nelson, Jennifer Pryor and more!

Awards to Date:
Winner: Best of Festival - 2011 Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival
Winner: Award of Merit for Visual, Editing & Advocacy - Accolade Competition
Winner: Cinematography, Editing, Conservation Message and Advocacy - 34th Annual International Wildlife Film Festival.

The film will screen next at the Artivist Film Festival in Los Angeles which runs July 8th- 10th 2011.

Watch the trailer at
See reviews at


The Gift of Life for Horses in Need

Many animals are often sent away or left behind when their owners cannot afford to keep them. Oftentimes these animals become homeless and have no way to survive.  Yesterday's loving and faithful family pet pony, today's treasured prize event horse and even America's wild horses are finding themselves displaced and in dire need. Once they've been designated at auction as food animals, most will never know human kindness again. These magnificent animals are doomed without your help.

Lifetime Equine Refuge and Garden of Equine, the equine rescue and sanctuary arm of Wild for Life Foundation rescues and provides horses in need with the feed, medical care and shelter as long as they need it. We work to rehabilitate and find new forever homes for these animals as well. We need your help and continued support so we can guarantee that these well deserving horses will always be safe. Please help by giving a donation to support their needs. Your donation today will be the gift of life tomorrow for these once slaughter bound horses.


Thank you.

Katia Louise
Volunteer Executive Director
Wild for Life Foundation
Lifetime Equine Refuge
Saving America's Horses