National Call-In Day to support of the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act

Dear Friends,

Please join us by calling on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Tuesday, October 19th and Ask her to schedule a vote NOW on the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503), legislation to ban the slaughter of American horses for human consumption. Schedule the vote NOW.  Tell her she has the power to end immense suffering by scheduling the vote NOW during the remaining session of Congress THIS YEAR!  NOW is the time for her to step up and do this.  Tell Speaker Pelosi that this bill has 183 bipartisan cosponsors in the House, 28 in the Senate, and tremendous public support.

After you call Speaker Pelosi,(202) 225-0100 or her San Francisco office, (415) 556-4862, call on Senate Majority LeaderSen. Harry Reid702-388-5020 / Fax: 702-388-5030, and Assistant Majority Leader Sen. Dick Durbin(202) 224-2152 or fax (202) 228-0400to schedule a vote on the senate version, S.B. 727.  Don’t wait. Do it now. For the horses.

For more information please go to Animal Law Coalition here:

Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) is a 501 (c) (3) volunteer based, nonprofit corporation dedicated to protecting and saving animals from cruelty. The cornerstone of our work is centered on the welfare of horses. WFLF works to accomplish its mission through education, investigation, multimedia exposure, rescue and outreach. 


WFLF Humanion Films
Los Angeles, CA

Oct 5, 2010

Now see the powerful OFFICIAL TRAILER for SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES A NATION BETRAYED. Animals' Angels, USA & CHDC  join WFLF Humanion Films’ in the release of the official film trailer for SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES - A NATION BETRAYED!  

WFLF Humanion Films
is pleased to announce  the release of the OFFICIAL TRAILER for the feature documentary film, SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES - A NATION BETRAYED. The Official Trailer features appearances with many cast members including several celebrities and other prominent figures who have all joined Humanion Films’ effort in support this film’s mission; Protection for All Equine from Slaughter… In order of appearance: JoAnne Normile, Beverly Strauss, Shelley Abrams, Dr Nicholas Dodman, Dr Nena Winand, Linda Gray, Senator Mary Landrieu, Susan Wagner, Representative Dan BurtonPaul Sorvino, Julie Caramante, Craig Downer, Michael Blake, Ginger Kathrens, Tippi Hedren, Shane and Sia Barbi, Dr Elliot Katz, Amy Nelson and  Paul Rainbird.

Sonja Meadows, Executive Director of Animals’ Angels, USA: “For the first time a film brings together a comprehensive look at what all is involved in this cruel, predatory business; An excellent documentary, suitable for a broad public audience.”

Sinikka Crosland, Executive Director of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) states: "SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES - A NATION BETRAYED delivers a compelling case for the abolition of a cruel, archaic and predatory industry. A civilized society yearns to be just and compassionate, not supporting practices that are inhumane and potentially detrimental to human health."

“REALLY powerful. Packed!” – Paula Bacon

Julie Caramante, Equine Cruelty Investigator/ Animals Angels: “As a cruelty investigator and someone deeply committed to banning the slaughter of American horses, I strongly applaud this important, straight-up film—it has the courage not to back down but to tell the un-whitewashed, miserable truth about horse slaughter”.
Tribal Leader, former Lt Governor of San Ildefonso Pueblo, Paul Rainbird speaks on behalf of Native Americans that oppose the slaughter of horses and burros in effort to help save equines from slaughter. “It offends me that horses are being slaughtered. SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES - A NATION BETRAYED presents the hard truth and must be seen. I hope awareness really has an impact on people making an effort to become involved." - Paul Rainbird, 1st Lt. Governor of San Ildefonso Pueblo

Michael Blake, Writer DANCE WITH WOLVES, Horse Advocate, American West: “To view Saving America's Horses is essential for stopping the killing. Since the American Government came about it has destroyed Indians, Buffalo and Wolves, and for the last several decades horses are being butchered. No individuals or organizations have been able to stop the removal of what has been put on earth. If the public stands up it can be done. Be sure to see SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES - A NATION BETRAYED and watch it all.
Now see the powerful OFFICIAL TRAILER for SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES A NATION BETRAYED at YouTube and on the official film website. "Saving America's Horses-A Nation Betrayed brings to surface a topic which nobody wants to talk about in a way that everyone will want to see. “ –Kate Dudley

SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES - A NATION BETRAYED is a compelling compilation of expert testimony, undercover footage and true life stories shot against the dramatic backdrops of America’s beautiful countryside. The film depicts a country divided and inspires great hope for the protection of all horses and burros from cruelty.

"The cruelty of equine slaughter recognizes no borders. Over half of the horses slaughtered in Canadian plants originate in the United States. In this predatory industry there is no guarantee of humane treatment at the receiving end where profit, not animal welfare, is the driving force." - CHDC

Supporters are requested to tell their friends and family about SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES - A NATION BETRAYED. Donations can be made on line through PayPal or mailed directly to support this CAUSE. Your generous donation will help bring this film to the public eye.

Please support this film and help us to save America's equines. “We are their voice and they need to be heard” – Katia Louise

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WFLF Humanion Films

Kate Dudley, Publicist

Saving America’s Horses is a Project under Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF), a CA 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The mission of Saving America’s Horses is to protect all equines from slaughter.

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