Flooding and mud hits California Horse Sanctuary

December 10, 2014: WFLF's rescue and sanctuary facilities located in Riverside, CA got hit with flooding and mud the first week in December this year, (2014). Both facilities have good drainage under normal circumstances, however we got hit really hard with an extreme rain storm with flash flooding causing an on slot of rushing water, mud and brush washing into some of the main horse sanctuary habitat areas. The equine natural habitat and stable areas were hit the hardest. Sections of the Temecula sanctuary were washed out when flash flooding broke through the center hub – rivers of water, mud, and debris quickly consumed and washed out feeding areas, equine recovery and rehab areas and the main access road which runs through the center of the sanctuary. The flash flooding hit late at night and thankfully no horses were injured. However, we are still making needed repairs to barns structures and many vital supplies must be replaced including crucial hay and feed.

Goods and services needed:
Hay and feed
Bedding (pine shavings)
Sand bags
DG (decomposed granite), rock and gravel
Transport assistance for hauling equipment and supplies.
Fence and facility repairs

We thank those who have donated in this time of need, and we are sincerely thankful for the kind volunteers who have been able to come out and help. -- But we are not out of the dark yet.

As always, 100% of the donations received by the Wild For Life Foundation go directly to aid the horses. We are an all volunteer grassroots charity that relies 100% on donated goods, services and monetary donations.

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The American Mustang - A Gift of Life and Hope

American Mustang Holiday Gift Sponsorships are now available!

Send Love to someone special in your life with a Gift Sponsorship featuring an American Mustang.  Your sponsorship gift will directly aid America's victimized Mustangs.

Find complete details here.   

Who wouldn't love to know that your gift to them is actually a gift of life to a horse that's been starved, brutally rounded up, mistreated or neglected? Your kindness and generosity will help rescued horses under the WFLF Sanctuary program and are in need of crucial support this holiday season. WFLF Holiday Gift Sponsorships are a wonderful way to help a horse in need and brighten the holidays for your loved one.

Your gift will make a difference on multiple levels.  It will help a Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) sanctuary horse in need, and help educate someone you know about the very real problems horses face in today’s world. Your gift recipient will also learn about WFLF’s lifesaving mission and how together we are making a difference in the lives of these and other needy horses for generations to come.

Caring and compassionate people are the lifeblood of WFLF’s mission, and we are very grateful to them, as we could not accomplish this vital lifesaving work without your support. 

Order your American Mustang Gift Sponsorship and make a difference in the life of a horses in need today.

Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity which relies 100% on donations. Lifetime Equine Refuge is the primary rescue and sanctuary program under WFLF.  Our work is only made possible with the generous help from our community of supporters. We thank you for your commitment to our mission to save, protect and preserve America's horses. Contributions may be made payable to Wild for Life Foundation and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Federal ID No. 26-3052458 

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WFLF's 2014 "Year of the Horse"

Wild For Life Foundation's Lifetime Equine Refuge  is pleased to invite you to enjoy and share WFLF's "YEAR of the HORSE"!
It's an inspiring little video celebrating a magnificent year of equine rescue, sanctuary and education from the Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF). Click here to watch on YouTube:

All the horses in this video were rescued from life threatening situations. Sadly they were all facing gruesome slaughter.  Many of them had also been brutally chased down by helicopters and ATV's during roundups, and others were victims of starvation, abuse and neglect.  But thanks to caring and compassionate people like you, we were able to save them all from these horrific cruelties. 

Won’t you open the door to your heart this holiday season to horses in desperate need? Your generous gift will help ensure that this program remains part of the care available to starved, displaced, abused, neglected and slaughter bound wild and domestic horses served by the Wild For Life Foundation. Please consider making a difference in the lives of these victimized animals today. Your donation in any amount will help save lives and is tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.  https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=3ZRRBK6W3BULG

Wild For Life Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity which relies 100% on donations. Lifetime Equine Refuge is the primary equine rescue and sanctuary program under WFLF. Our work is only made possible with the generous help from our community of supporters. We thank you for your commitment to our mission to save, protect and preserve America's horses. Contributions may be made payable to Wild for Life Foundation and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Federal ID No. 26-3052458  

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Giving Thanks and Giving Back

Every donation counts!  Donate Now

JOIN US in Giving Thanks for the honor and privilege to serve America’s majestic horses. They heal our hearts and heal our lands; they make our world whole. We at Saving 's Horses and Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) cherish every moment we spend caring for horses in need, providing for them and saving their lives.
AND, as we rejoice in the season of thanks, we extend our utmost gratitude to everyone who has supported our mission and our efforts to save, protect and preserve victimized horses and burros in need. We could not accomplish our work without your continued kind and generous support!

As you spend time with your loved ones and reflect on all the wonderful moments of the past year, we hope you will take a moment to reflect on the profound work of the Wild For Life Foundation. We encourage you to support the work that we do. The lives that our Rescue and Sanctuary Team has touched and the stories we have shared celebrate the enduring strength of survival, and the power of compassion and faith to heal the heart even in the midst of unimaginable loss.
  • $25     Will help feed orphaned foals and hungry rescue horses
  • $100   Will help pay for needed vaccines
  • $500   Will help provide urgently needed veterinary medical care for rescue horses in need
Won’t you open the door to your heart this holiday season to horses in desperate need? 

Your generous gift will help ensure that this vital program remains part of the care available to starved, displaced, abused, neglected and slaughter bound wild and domestic horses served by the Wild For Life Foundation. 
Please consider making a difference in the lives of these victimized animals today.   

Warmest holiday wishes from our family to yours,
Katia Louise, Founder, President, Volunteer Executive Director
The Wild For Life Foundation

Lifetime Equine Refuge is the lifesaving equine rescue and sanctuary program under the Wild For Life Foundation. Wild For Life Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity which relies 100% on donations. Our work is only made possible with the generous help from our community of supporters. We thank you for your commitment to our mission to save, protect and preserve America's horses. Contributions may be made payable to Wild for Life Foundation and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Federal ID No. 26-3052458  

To contribute by mail:
Wild for Life Foundation
19510 Van Buren Blvd, #F3236
Riverside, CA 92508

Celebrating Quantum Progress this Season of Thanks and Giving

Celebrating Quantum Progress this Season of Thanks and Giving

 Katia Louise: Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF)

It’s been a transformational year for animals at the Wild For Life Foundation. And we’re celebrating this success based on the individual animals rescued from distress and the compassion and awareness generated by our educational efforts. The animals are counting on us to deliver, and you have made it possible. Here are a few highlights of some of the biggest accomplishments that The WFLF has achieved over the past year with your support.

  • The Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) founded the Navajo Horse Rescue and Recovery Mission to
    address and provide for the urgent needs of horses and burros found in life threatening situations due to the Navajo Nation roundups.  Navajo’s sacred Mustangs, including orphan foals just weeks old and pregnant mares are at grave risk of after being captured in New Mexico and Arizona.  It’s been virtually impossible to intercept the pipeline of imperiled Navajo Mustangs impacted by the roundups because these victimized horses are taken directly to Mexico for slaughter within 24 hours of their capture. Through WFLF’s Navajo Horse Rescue and Recovery Mission over forty of these sacred wild horses have been saved from barbaric slaughter and evacuated to safe harbor under WFLF’s wild horse rescue and sanctuary program.
  • We founded the WFLF Monero-Mustang Rescue Mission as crisis intervention to save more than
    140 historic wild Mustangs from the risk of going to slaughter.  WFLF’s Wild Horse Sanctuary Program has since provided emergency aid for hay, veterinary medical care and equine transport, and facilitated the relocation and re-homing of this large herd in family bands into private safe haven facilities. Over two dozen of these victimized Mustangs have since been permanently re-homed directly into WFLF’s “Back to the Wild” wild horse sanctuary in California.
  • We conducted deployments of our Equine Rescue team in states across the nation, saving horses from starvation, slaughter, abuse and displacement. We operate our Lifetime Equine Refuge and Safe Haven network program in more than 10 cities. Our wild horse rescue and conservation team re-homed more than 200 wild Mustangs this year. 
  • We opened our new transitional “Back to the Wild” wild horse sanctuary at WFLF’s Lifetime Equine Refuge in California and continued to expand our Safe Haven Equine network across the nation. Together with our accredited partners, we provided direct care to horses in more than eight states nationwide.
  • WFLF’s expansion of its Wild Horse conservation and nature program, “Back to the Wild” has served to preserve and protect the lives of rare historic wild horses across America. WFLF offers
    positive alternatives which protect and preserve America’s Wild Horses through innovative methods for sanctuary management that include community enrichment and sustainable ecological approaches.
    Many of the imperiled Mustangs we rescued over the last year have successful been placed in our ‘Back to the Wild” wild horse sanctuary program. WFLF’s wild horse conservation and nature program has become the last natural habitat sanctuary for these rare wild horses, including wild Spanish Mustangs whom are among the rarest and most threatened wild horse species in the country. Most of the primitive Mustang blood lines have been destroyed in America and only exist in small numbers totaling less than 500 nationwide. America’s Wild Horses cannot be reproduced once they are gone. 
  •  WFLF's Lifeline Legacy Circle was established to recognize the most devoted and loyal group of individuals and families who are an invaluable part of Wild for Life Foundation’s lifesaving mission. Lifeline Legacy Members are recognized for helping to secure quality care and habitats for the neediest animals that come into our rescue and sanctuary program. With the monthly support of Lifeline Legacy supporters, we make sure these victimized animals get the medical care, time and attention they need.
  •  WFLF established its 'Seeds of Life' Centerpiece Founding Patrons' Circle where prominent community members and businesses contribute in support of the vital capacity building and expansion of WFLF’s lifesaving missions.  
  •  WFLF’s established an ongoing Hay Drive to raise funds to purchase hay and grains to feed starved and homeless rescue horses in need. The ‘WFLF Hay Drive’ has raised awareness, saved and rehabilitated numerous horses, ponies, donkeys and foals that needed urgent care after being discarded and left to die.
  •  The Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) expanded its “Healing Hearts” program in response to the growing need of veterans and at-risk youth, and others in need. Healing Hearts provides a multitude of opportunities for horses and people to become partners in healing and therapeutic relationships.  A healing bond is developed through interactions with rescue horses.  The program strives to aid children, at-risk youth, active duty military and veterans through equine assisted learning and psychotherapy that improves life skills, builds self respect, and heals broken hearts. 
  • We partnered with The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes to promote equine assisted learning programs for military veterans and disadvantaged youth.  We are thrilled to work with the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes in support of our new sanctuary expansion project which will provide programs with a focus on its community enrichment equine wellness activities, and robust equine assisted programs for disadvantaged youth, active duty military, and veterans and their families.
  • We presented “Saving America's Horses” to a full house at the 2014 EAGALA Conference in Texas earlier this year.
  • We partnered with the American Association of Equine Sports Preservation (AAESP) in a combined effort to promote horse preservation, along with equine-assisted programs that help children with autism, military veterans, and other victims of post-traumatic stress disorder. The AAESP sponsored WFLF's Saving America's Horses booth at the 15th Annual EAGALA conference which took place in Mesquite, TX. WFLF’s booth at the conference was visited by numerous conference attendees who were able to engage and learn from our compelling multimedia educational materials.
  • Through WFLF’s Operation Thoroughbred, more risk Thoroughbreds raised for racing were saved, rehabilitated and re-trained over the last year after finding themselves in life threatening situations. WFLF saves and provides care for these abused, starved, neglected and slaughter bound horses that have been virtually discarded by the race industry.  We give them a second chance at life through rehabilitation, adoption, foster care, equine assisted learning and sanctuary. 
  •  WFLF’s “Saving America's Horses” continues to raise awareness and compel people to action. We have made great strides toward launching the first in a series of “Saving America’s Horses” movie showings at theaters and local community venues nationwide. Information on bookings and venues will soon be announced. Fans and collaborating organizations will be able to take part and help drive the success of the showings through word-of-mouth, social media and ticket pre-sales. Dates and venues for each showing will be based on booking requests and availability. SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES is a powerful podium with a dynamic reach to animal lovers worldwide. This intelligent exposé reveals how the public has been misled by certain government agencies and special interest groups that run over the laws that are supposed to protect the horses, people and the environment.  "Saving America's Horses: A Nation Betrayed" is an educational documentary film project under WFLF's Humanion Films, created as an social action tool for people who want to engage. Promoting wild horse preservation initiatives – the prevention of equine cruelty – and to support the return of horse and burro populations to the wild and provide lifelong sanctuary for equines in need. SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES is a central tool in a larger grassroots effort focused on saving this indigenous species for the greater good, and supporting the wildlife and natural ecosystems that depend on them now and for generations to come.
  • We helped reinstate a ban on domestic horse slaughter. The U.S. Congress reinstated the defunding language in the Consolidated Appropriations Act (aka the Omnibus Bill). The language effectively bans the slaughtering of horses by preventing the U.S. Department of Agriculture from expending funds to place inspectors in horse slaughter facilitates through the year 2014.  

USDA inspectors are required by federal law for the plants to operate in interstate commerce and effective the defunding language ensures no horse slaughter facilities can open in the United States.  The defunding language had been in effect every year since 2006, but removed in 2013.

  • WFLF established the Village at Saving America's Horses by reaching out to our member base on Facebook.  Village members consist of dedicated Saving America’s Horses fans that support WFLF’s lifesaving missions. By taking part in this instrumental way, Village members make a difference in the lives of countless starved, abused, distressed, and homeless horses by contributing and sharing educational resources on behalf of America’s imperiled horses in need.
  • We’ve made great strides over the last year in our continuing efforts to development WFLF’s western regional equine preserve plan comprised of natural habitat equine preserves and companion animal sanctuaries.  We’re now well into Phase One of WFLF's master plan including sanctuary expansion through acquisition of equine land and facilities where animals and people are partners in healing and therapeutic relationships.  The Wild for Life Foundation’s diverse educational and wellness activities are inherent in building compassion and positive life skills which foster symbiotic environmental stewardship through a healing partnership with animals. WFLF’s wild horse preservation component serves as an educational platform for the conservation and protection of wildlife through the provision of sanctuary and preserves for wild horses and burros who have been captured from the wild. The first of our Eco-friendly wellness and education centers will soon offer visitors opportunities to observe and learn from wild horses in natural habitat environments.  Programming also offers participants a place to heal, enhance life skills and to develop new skills in animal rescue, rehabilitation and animal assisted learning.
  • We welcomed new board and staff members to WFLF including Rocky Lynne Randall - professional equine specialist and entertainer, Cheryl Casati - Master Trainer and Equestrian Professional, and Wild Horse Expert and Conservationist, Sandi Claypool.
  • We partnered with several other well respected animal rescue groups including the ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, the Landsberg Foundation, the Onyx and Breezy Foundation, Ambassadors for Compassion and others who have generously given their support to our lifesaving missions.  
  • The kind and generous support from our devoted constituents, combined with collaborative support we received from partnering groups enabled us to provide lifesaving veterinary medical care for over 180 needy rescue horses.  We were able to improve and expand our equine programs and facilities.  We were able to purchase a 24’ stock horse trailer and deployed urgent transport for imperiled horses to safety.  We’ve fed hundreds of starved rescue horses from several states across the country.

In the coming months, we’ll keep you updated with more details about each of these victories, and the many others that you’ve helped us to achieve. And, as we celebrate this season of thanks and giving, we would like to give our sincere thanks for all you do to make this incredible progress for horses possible. We invite you to take pride and reflect on all the good that your kind support helps us accomplish for the animals – and the progress we can achieve together in the year ahead.

With blessings and gratitude, on behalf of the horses,


Katia Louise, Founder, President, Volunteer Executive Director

The Wild For Life Foundation

19510 Van Buren Blvd, Ste F3236

Riverside, CA 92508

Phone: 310.439.9817

(updated 11-18-2014 6:47AM PST)

Success! The last of imperiled Monero Mustangs safely arrive to California!

November 3, 2014 - Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) extends a very special and warm welcome to our new family members, the Monero Mustangs. They are an iconic and rare historic band of wild horses that once roamed freely across America's public range-lands,
but had sadly become in grave danger of going to slaughter.

It's been a long hard road for this herd of imperiled Mustangs that had already been through so much. Many of them first lost their freedom and their families when they were chased down by government helicopters and ATV's - the trauma and physical suffering caused by these brutal roundups is virtually unspeakable.  These survivors were provided sanctuary under the charter of the Monero Mustangs, a federally registered 501c3 charity founded for the purpose of preserving their unique blood lines and heritage.

The last members of this majestic herd are now safely reunited with their family members in California, including the last group of six mares and their 3-4 month old foals that most recently arrived after a three-month stop over at Equine Voices in Arizona. These mares and foals needed additional time to build strength before completing their full journey to California (CA) under WFLF's wild horse sanctuary program.

These Monero Spanish Mustangs have been placed into WFLF's equestrian ranch in Temecula, CA which features large multi-acre open space natural habitat and rehab facilities. It's a transitional facility for incoming Mustangs under Wild For Life Foundation's Wild Horse sanctuary expansion project.

Many of the herd members appeared in WFLF's award winning movie, Saving America's
Horses which was partially filmed on location at the Monero Mustangs sanctuary in 2009. Monero Mustang founders, Sandi Claypool and anthropologist, Ila Broomberg became key speakers in this passionate and compelling documentary film.  Filmmaker, Katia Louise recalls. "It was an honor to witness and film these magnificent living legends thriving in harmony with nature, complimenting the environment and gracing our world with their beauty."  The herd of Monero Mustangs had lived peacefully for years on a 5,000 acre ranch in New Mexico where many people from around the world were able to experience their majesty through successful eco-tourism and conservation programs.
There were more than 140 of these Mustangs that had recently lost their freedom and their homes on the open range-lands in New Mexico and were in grave danger of going to slaughter, for the second time in their lives.  These wild horses are direct descendents of America's most historic Mustangs; Spanish horses, Indian ponies and early Calvary mounts that once roamed the western region of the U.S. in great numbers, but are now under extreme threat of extinction.

The Wild For Life Foundation has saved the lives of these majestic horses, and is assuring that the Monero Mustang legacy lives on. Wild horse expert and the founder of Monero Mustangs of New Mexico has now also arrived to CA where she has joined WFLF's Sanctuary Program as the new on site Wild Horse Conservation and Sanctuary Manager. Sandi has dedicated her life to keeping the genetic pool of the original Spanish El Rito Mustang alive. As an educator, she will bring a wealth of knowledge to our wild horse educational program, about the treasure of this regal and adaptive band of vanishing 'El Rito' Spanish that helped build the west. "Our American Mustang has impacted every race and every culture in the building of our Nation. These iconic living legends helped fight our battles, conquer and build settlements in our Nation, deliver our mail, transport doctors to the sick, transported supplies, and fought in our nations wars on all sides, says Ms Claypool. "The symbol of freedom they represent during turbulent times is a great healer of broken hearts.

The Monero Mustangs had sadly lost their safe sanctuary home due to conflicting special interests regarding land use, and within a few months the entire herd was in grave danger of going to slaughter.  Monero Mustang founder, Sandi Claypool says, "We hit rock bottom and there was no hope in site. But then I got a call from Katia Louise at the Wild For Life Foundation. She was the only person that stepped up to help.  If it wasn't for Katia and the Wild for Life Foundation, our entire herd would have been brutally butchered alive for their meat."

Katia is an expert on both the issue of horse slaughter and the plight of America's wild horses. "When I heard that the Monero Mustangs lives were at stake, and knowing the untold horrors of their would-be fate, I knew we had to take immediate action," Ms Louise said.  Being a grassroots charity emerged in equine rescue and preservation, Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) works around the clock in the trenches to meet these kinds of challenges on an everyday basis.  "Going in, I knew this would be one of the biggest most challenging rescue missions WFLF would take on."    

And that's how the WFLF_Monero Mustang Rescue Mission was born.  It was a matter of life and death urgency and an effort to prevent the most egregious cruelty inflicted upon animals by mankind.   "It's a leap of faith for humanity and the future of the world we share together with these animals," Katia added. "Thank heavens for our supporters and their steadfast dedication in support of our work. We couldn't do it without you." 

"Thanks to the many kind and generous donations from caring horse lovers who have come
together in support of this mission, we have been able to provide emergency rescue services in effort to save the entire herd of majestic wild horses, including provision of their needed hay, veterinary care, housing and transport. "It has taken several months to save and restore these majestic herd members to new safe haven natural habitat homes, including pregnant mares and new born foals, the last of which have just recently arrived to our California sanctuary facilities," says Katia.
These renowned Monero Mustangs are the rare breed, direct and undiluted descendants of the El Rito Spanish horses brought to the Americas by Juan de Onate in and around 1598.  With your continued support, WFLF will be able provide them with the security of a new forever safe and natural habitat where they will never be at risk of roundup or slaughter again.
"WFLF resources have been stretched to the limits by the many emergency rescue costs including blood tests for Coggins, Health certificates and travel permits which were required to get them safely out of Mew Mexico," said Ms Louise. Water and hay had to be trucked in daily to keep them fed and healthy during while funds were raised to save them. "Transporting large numbers of horses across state lines is complicated and costly. Stops must be made so the horses can rest, be watered and fed. Safely transporting horses across the country is limited during inclement weather and these factors have all played into this major rescue mission."   
WFLF extends their gratitude to the ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, the Landsberg Foundation, the Onyx and Breezy Foundation and Equine Voices for their generous support in helping to make this monumental mission a success. 

Continued support is crucial in order to assure the forever safe harbor of these historic equines.  At WFLF rescue is just the beginning of a long, dedicated endeavor to provide the best quality of life for these vulnerable and displaced victims.  Partnerships are crucial to helping the Wild For Life Foundation serve community enrichment through its multi-layered mission of preserving wildlife, preventing animal cruelty, nature and educational initiatives, and therapeutic animal-human healing.  WFLF saves the lives of homeless, mistreated and slaughter bound horses whose healing hearts enhance the lives of people.  


Since fall of 2013, WFLF has rescued and placed more than 180 wild Mustangs, including approximately 140 Monero Mustangs, 40 Navajo Mustangs, and 21 orphaned foals (ages 1-6 months old), and several pregnant mares who all had lost their freedom and their homes in New Mexico. The baby horses had been orphaned as a result of the roundups and slaughter, which the vast majority of American people oppose.   
As the remaining number of Wild Horses in the U.S. nears extinction, education and appreciation through the protection and observation of Wild Horses in sanctuary becomes tantamount to their survival as a species. America's Wild Horses cannot be reproduced once they are gone.

"With wild mustang herds across the west vanishing, the importance of protecting and preserving them, and providing the public the opportunity to view and experience wild mustangs in their natural environment is essential to the history and the future of our Nation," adds Ms. Louise. "Wild horses are scientifically recognized for restoring range-lands, boosting biodiversity and helping the return of a wider variety of plants and invertebrates to the lands where they roam. Scientists and conservationists have indeed found that the re-introduction of wild equines to open lands provides a meaningful way to restore and sustain the natural environment and wildlife."

WFLF is setting up a permanent public benefit sanctuary where horses and people are partners in healing," said WFLF's founder Katia Louise. Donations to WFLF's 'Seeds of Life' fundraising program will support its sustainable sanctuary expansion project which will make a meaningful difference in the lives of both people and animals for generations to come.  

On behalf of the countless horses in need across the country, we extend our most heartfelt thanks for your kind support.
Standing united together with gratitude,

Katia Louise and Sandi Claypool
The Wild For Life Foundation
Saving America's Horses 

PS-Please consider sharing our links with at least five of your friends and family members to help save lives today.  

Donations can be made by mail, online and by phone.  Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and PayPal are accepted. Checks can be mailed to: Wild For Life Foundation, 19510 Van Buren Blvd, Ste F3236, Riverside, CA 92508, or call: 310.439.9817
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"The Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF), a U.S, registered 501(c)3 nonprofit charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving wild and domestic horses through rescue, sanctuary, and education.  WFLF relies 100% on tax deductible donations to do this lifesaving work.   Federal ID No. 26-3052458