EMERGENCY RESCUE/ Mustang - S Cal. Starvation Case

EMERGENCY RESCUE/ Mustang - S Cal.: Urgent help is needed to save Koda (O’Dakota), a 7 year old Mustang and his devoted 4 year old friend Chaska’; both are geldings that were sadly starving under the neglect of their owner. They are emaciated. Their lives are both at risk – they only have a few days - time is of the essence.

Your support will help in their rescue. Please act now. You can help by sharing this post, or by donating to help with their transport, feed and care.  Help make this story of broken hearts and shattered lives whole again. To support this emergency effort please give on line or donate by mail today. http://www.lifetimeequinerefuge.org/donate.html

If you have room for a horse in need, or know someone else that does, please contact WFLF's Lifetime Equine Refuge. Experienced equine care providers interested in helping to foster horses in need are invited to join WFLF's Safe Haven Network. http://www.lifetimeequinerefuge.org/safehaven.html

With your help, more horses like Koda and Chaska can receive a second chance at life.

Donate directly to WFLF's Lifetime Equine Refuge to support this rescue mission. 100% of your donation will go directly toward Koda and Chaska's needs. http://www.lifetimeequinerefuge.org/donate.htm