Lifesaving Holiday Gifts to help Save Horses in Crisis

UPDATE November 24, 2016 - Crisis Intervention -
HUNDREDS OF WILD AMERICAN MUSTANGS ARE SLATED FOR GRUESOME SLAUGHTER - Emergency aid is being provided through this holiday t-shirt fundraiser to help as many of these horses as possible.

100% of the proceeds and donations raised through this Saving America's Horses T-shirt Fundraiser will go directly to aid the ISPMB Mustangs and Burros.

Just recently over 800 ISPMB Mustangs and Burros were seized by authorities due to a court order. Emergency adoptions are underway to place these equines prior to Nov 30, 2016.

#SavingAmericasHorses is thankful for the opportunity to partner with For Love Of All Things (FLOAT) to bring you unique limited edition Saving America's Horses tees that give back to equines in need. For every t-shirt sold, FLOAT will donate $8 to Wild For Life Foundation to help the ISPMB horses and burros.

Visit to place your lifesaving holiday order today.  Ends Sun. Nov 27th.

Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) is an all volunteer 501c3 nonprofit public benefit charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving equines through rescue, sanctuary and education. We work to vigorously help starved, abused, neglected, displaced and slaughter bound wild horses and burros. WFLF also partners with community members and works in conjunction with law enforcement and animal services to facilitate and provide for the rescue and placement of animals in life threatening danger and those seized in animal cruelty cases. Through Saving America’s Horses, WFLF powerfully advocates for the protection and conservation of wild equines on their Native lands and the preservation of their rightful place in the wild. Fed ID # 26-3052458

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