Woohoo! - By popular demand, Radar's limited edition t-shirt offer extended thru Labor Day

 "Hi! I'm Radar. I am super excited because I just turned One Month old! My mommy was living free in the wild but was captured by county animal services before I was born to protect us from getting hit by cars. Now we live at WFLF's Lifetime Equine Refuge sanctuary and I want to give back to help other wild burros and horses in need."

With each passing day these rare and historic wild horses and burros become more threatened. And, these majestic icons cannot be reproduced once they are gone. If you'd like to help protect them, you can buy this special limited edition artful HOPE Tees for Horses t-shirt with Radar's picture on it. All proceeds will help at-risk burros and horses in need. Just click to order: https://www.booster.com/savingamericashorses-hopetees-17
Your shirt(s) will be delivered to you by Sept. 22, 2016.  They're available in three colors and a wide range of sizes, youth - Adult, and Ladies cuts too!

Woohoo! - By popular demand, this offer now extended to Labor day, 9/6 9pm!

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