Wild For Life Foundation Successfully Saved the lives of approx 150 former Monero mustang victims from gruesome slaughter

It was in early 2014 that the Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) received a desperate plea for urgent assistance from Monero Mustangs, a New Mexico (NM) nonprofit.   Sadly the Monero’s herd of Mustangs found themselves stranded in deserted feed lots without access to water or hay, and in

imminent risk of slaughter.  The Monero Mustangs NPO in fact transferred title of all of its horses to in enable their rescue from slaughter. Without the resources to house, feed and care for these innocent victims, the Monero Mustangs NPO was on the verge of losing all its horses’ lives to unspeakable slaughter.  Monero Mustang founder, Sandi Claypool publicized her gratitude to WFLF for its lifesaving services in her statement, “We hit rock bottom and there was no hope in site. If it wasn’t for Katia and the Wild for Life Foundation, our entire herd would have been brutally butchered alive for their meat.”

The Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF), a nationally acclaimed animal rescue charity in fact raised the needed funds and resources to provide emergency supplies and services including hay, veterinary medical care, and evacuation out of NM for these wild horses. WFLF additionally paid for the transportation of approximately one hundred and fifty of these horses to be evacuated out of life threatening danger, for placement into protected natural habitat environments in California, Arizona, Texas and Colorado. WFLF additionally paid for ongoing essential vet care, feed and housing for the Mustangs who began arriving to WFLF facilities, under WFLF’s program in California in September, 2014.   And that's how the WFLF-Monero Mustang Rescue Mission was born.  It was a matter of life and death urgency and an effort to prevent the most egregious cruelty inflicted upon animals by mankind.
Approximately 50 of the incoming herd members were found to be unadoptable, including pregnant and nursing mares, foals, colts, fillies, senior Mustangs, malnourished and injured horses, and conservation mares and stallions. These 50 horses were evacuated out of NM and transported to California by WFLF where they officially entered into WFLF's wild horse rescue and sanctuary program.

The Monero Mustang NPO then had in fact ceased to operate in NM. Its founder, Ms. Claypool came to California (CA) where she joined WFLF's Wild Horse Program.   Regrettably however, several months later, WFLF was forced to dismiss Ms. Claypool.

By June of 2015 WFLF announced that its rescue mission as related to the Monero Mustangs had officially concluded.  As an equine rescue and sanctuary however, WFLF’s charity work continues in the ongoing care and provision of feed and housing for the remaining 15 former “Monero’ mustangs whom WFLF saved from slaughter.  These wild horses have remained under WFLF's primary care and title since day one.  WFLF is pleased to report that all of these Mustangs are healthy and thriving together with all of the other rescued wild horses that have become members of WFLF’s Heritage Herd, under WFLF’s wild horse rescue and sanctuary program.

WFLF has accomplished enormous success locally and on a National level since it was first founded in 2008. Katia Louise, WFLF and its staff and BOD have an excellent reputation in the equine welfare and nonprofit industry. WFLF exercises best practices in all its operations, including the primary care of its beneficiaries such as the rescued and at-risk animals WFLF serves, particularly equines. Any false statements should not defame that reputation.  WFLF’s Monero Mustang Rescue Mission was a very substantial and successful rescue mission for the horses which can read about on the WFLF website. http://www.wildforlifefoundation.org/wflfmonero.html