Marley the donkey gets a new lease on life

Good news! Marley get a new lease on life! 
Marley is a standard sized wooly donkey rescued by WFLF. He had sadly been neglected by his previous owner and then abandoned in the Santa Ana Mountains where he was discovered by a Good Samaritan. County animal services was dispatched but it was determined that Marley’s severe neglected condition would require such special care that his only hope was if a rescue organization could take him in. Marley had been placed on the euthanasia list and there was no time to spare. "When we arrived to pick Marley up at the shelter we found him frightened, hungry and with large gaping infected wounds on his face and legs," says Katia Louise of the Wild For Life Foundation.

Marley had fully healed from his apparent physical wounds and thanks to the generous support of the Onyx and Breezy Foundation he was scheduled to be gelded on Wednesday last week, but during the procedure they discovered multiple tumors. A biopsy is being done which will tell us more, and we are praying that his tumors are benign.

Marley was in the hospital since Wednesday receiving the best of quality care. It was determined that a second and more specialized surgery was needed to remove the tumors and complete his castration due to a condition known as the Cryptorchidism. In Marley's case it was determined that his testes had reascended and moved to his abdomen -- and his scrotum was filled with tumors.
Marley was released from the veterinary hospital Saturday. Thanks to you, our Village of compassionate
supporters WFLF was able to secure Marley's needed surgery. He will be recovering over the next couple weeks back in the comfort of WFLF's Lifetime Equine Refuge, and as always, getting loads of attention. Marley has a lot of swelling which is to be expected, but his surgery went well. He is being bathed in love and receiving the best of care!

Biopsies of the tumors were taken and they were removed. We are hoping they are benign. We expect to learn more next week.

Please join us in prayer for Marley.  If you would like to help sponsor Marley, please contact WFLF directly at

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Wild For Life Foundation extends a special heartfelt thanks to Dr Wan and his fabulous & caring team at Equine Vet Specialists in Norco, CA!

Marley is a sweet donkey that just needed someone that cared enough to give him a second chance at life, and thanks to kind support from people like you, Marley is receiving the best second chance possible at WFLF's Lifetime Equine Refuge.

Thank you!

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