New 'Friends to Horses' - saving lives

Morning StarGlow is one of the littlest orphan Navajo foals rescued in October by WFLF's NHRRM. She
is growing and thriving at WFLF’s Lifetime Equine Refuge in CA! As an Ambassador for other desperate horses needing rescue and support, Morning StarGlow is sending out an urgent plea so that more horses like her can be rescued and assured forever safe harbor.

Please join our “Friends to Horses” campaign! We are looking to rally 2,500 horse lovers who are generously willing to donate $10 a month to help us off-set the cost of food, medicine, and shelter for our rescue horses. Each reoccurring 'Friends to Horses' member enables us to continue our meaningful work of saving desperate horses and giving them a second chance at life! Please help spread the word… And thank you for helping us help the horses!

You can help us raise the necessary funds to save precious lives by sharing and giving. But time is of the essence. Your donation in any amount will help save lives today!
Donations can be made online:

Learn more about Wild for Life Foundation and its Lifetime Equine Refuge program: