Walking in Harmony with Horses

Join us as we bring in and celebrate 'The Year of the Horse'. Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) is dedicated to saving this indigenous species for the greater good, now and for generations to come.  As seen in the below photo are three of the 17 Navajo ponies recently rescued by Wild for Life Foundation, (Koko, front right
and Cheveyo front left who is standing in front of Maska). They are seen here as part of a sacred ceremony, a day of blessings for the Navajo Mustangs recently rescued under WFLF's Navajo Horses Rescue and Recovery Mission (NHRRM).  "Harmony calls the heart to carry the circle in one voice... a sharing of hearts, for it is in forgiveness that comes the healing," said Elder Ramous.

The Wild for Life Foundation is working together with the traditional Navajo people, and partnering with compassionate community members to create an environment that promotes the humane treatment of all animals.  We invite you to join in the harmonious walk with America's horses and burros and reflect upon and share great honor for this majestic, indigenous and sacred species. "As we lift up the spirit of the horse, we strive to raise awareness in support of the rejuvenation of America's landscapes through restoring America's wild equines to their Native lands," said Katia Louise, President, The Wild for Life Foundation. "Join us as we elevate respect for the strong emotional bonds shared amongst wild horses and burros; bonds which should be preserved and protected." 

Most recently the Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) rescued 38 Native Navajo orphan foals and horses ages two months to 5 years old. They were intercepted from life threatening situations during the U.S. government funded Navajo Nation roundups which the vast majority of Navajo people oppose.  It takes many months for these little orphan foals to heal after losing their Mothers to slaughter, and for the entire herd to overcome the physical and emotional trauma and injuries including shock that they sustained during their capture.  Orphan foals who've been deprived of their Mother's milk to nourish and protect them are receiving round the clock care. But they need medical care, nutritious hay, special milk-replacer feeds and immune building supplements to help them recover, then grow and thrive.
To help -- Please sponsor a portion of monthly expenses for a rescued Navajo Mustang in need. To give your donation special meaning, include the name of the Mustang of your choosing with your gift. 100% of the funds donated go to the horses' most urgent needs.  Donations are also accepted by mail. Donations in support of the Navajo Horses Rescue and Recovery Project can be made on line and by mail. To learn more and meet these magnificent Native Mustangs please visit our website.

Watch this inspirational video clip as we welcome the most recently rescued Mustangs to safe harbor in California. Discover and share the heartwarming bond when a previously separated family of
Mustangs reunite.

The Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) and its Saving America’s Horses Initiative introduces hope as the Bureau of Land Management exterminates the last of America’s wild horses and burros in the wild, and thousands of wild and domestic equines are systematically mistreated, removed, and transported for human consumption abroad.

Can we preserve and protect one of America’s most iconic species before they become extinct in the wild and reverse the degradation to open rangelands caused by their removal? WFLF says affirmatively, YES!  Wild for Life Foundation’s Equine Sanctuary/ Preserve Plan is part of a working solution in a larger grassroots effort focused on saving this indigenous species for the greater good, and supporting the wildlife and natural ecosystems that depend on them now and for generations to come.

The Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving equines through rescue, sanctuary and education. WFLF and its wild horse preservation initiative serves as an educational platform for the protection of wildlife through the provision of long term sanctuary of wild horses and burros removed from America's rangelands. Back to the Wild is the wild horse and burro rescue program under WFLF which provides safe sanctuary for wild equines removed from the open ranges and educational resources for the preservation of wild equines. WFLF and its Saving America’s Horses Initiative are dedicated to the promotion of wild horse conservation and preservation initiatives with a focus on the prevention of equine cruelty. 

The Wild For Life Foundation
Bonsall, California
January 31, 2014