New Hope for an Unlikely Pair of Deeply Bonded Majestic Icons

RESCUE UPDATE, Jan 29,2014: O’Dakota (aka Koda), a 7 year old Mustang and his devoted 4 year old friend Chaska’, an off-track Thoroughbred were rescued together by Wild for Life Foundation in December, thanks to the kind and generous support from compassionate people like you. Koda and Chaska were victims of severe starvation and neglect, and they were about to lose their lives.
Koda and Chaska have been getting lots of tender loving care and eating up a storm since their rescue. You can see their transformation – both are putting on weight and regaining their trust in people after losing all hope.

You can help assure their continued recovery and forever safe harbor by sharing this story. Donations for Koda or Chaska’s will help pay for their feed, vet and farrier expenses. – 

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