In Honor of Our Beloved Kola

UPDATE ON KOLA, Nov. 2, 2013: It is with heavy hearts that we share the sad news of our beloved Kola’s passing just last night. Kola was a fighter and a survivor, but she could not withstand the injuries she sustained as a result of the brutal roundups. After losing her Mother at just 10 weeks old - it was all just too much for her delicate little body to make it through.
Kola had the hands of angels upon her and was bathed in love from the time she was rescued. Kola was surrounded in sacred beauty through to her final moments by the entire team of kind and compassionate veterinarians and loving volunteers who never once gave up on her.
Kola touched the world with love and brought us hope and joy. This brave little warrior taught by example of
how to forgive and trust in the face of betrayal… and how to be strong against all odds. She lived her short life with honor and courage. Kola’s sweet gentle spirit will live on forever.
Kola will be brought home today and will be laid to rest in our Indian way at the Prayer Tie Sacred Tree on Firelight South Ranch, Sunday, Nov 3rd, 11AM CST. The Tree holds a sacred meaning as it is where our beloved four legged relatives go to run free; it is a place of honor and respect, a place of peace and tranquility.
Wild for Life Foundation’s Sacred Hearts – Firelight South welcomes you to take part in this sacred ceremony in honor of for our dear sweet Kola. If you are out of the area you may join us in spirit through the Saving America’s Horses Facebook page beginning at noon, Sunday, November 3rd.
Kola will be now forever be free; free to run as she had always dreamed, running with her Mother, and her family, and finally pain free. The Prayer Tie Sacred Tree on Firelight South Ranch is a special place for all of those who journey on. We pray they continue to guide us and shine upon us.
If you would like to send a prayer tie or offering for the Prayer Tie Sacred Tree, such as a special trinket, or feather, you may do so at the below address. Aho!
Sacred Hearts – Firelight South, 46731 State Hwy 118, Alpine, Texas 79830
Previous update of Nov 1, 2013, Our sweet little Kola, the orphan Navajo foal Paint has taken a turn for the worse. The best of the best expert equine veterinarians have been working around the clock to keep her going, but it's been up and down for the last several days. She was admitted into the veterinary hospital last night and is in ICU fighting for her life. If Kola has touched your life please reach out now with your heart and help us save her. Donate now at: PLEASE SHARE, LIGHT A CANDLE FOR KOLA AND JOIN US IN PRAYER. thank you

17orphaned Navajo foals were recently rescued by Wild for Life Foundation’s Navajo Horses Rescue and Recovery Mission. The foals had been discovered in a life threatening situation after being rounded up from their Native homeland on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. The foals ranging in ages from 2 - 4 months were orphaned during the roundups after losing their mothers to slaughter. Wild horses and burros are being taken from their Native homes in the highly contested US government funded roundups which the vast majority of Navajo people oppose.