Two rescued Thoroughbreds need your help!

Bella Rose and Rosebud are very nice Thoroughbred mares rescued from a neglect situation.  They are starting to put on weight but more support is needed to see them through.

Rosebud aka Carousel Delight (2002) is a former CA racehorse. (Photo right 4/2013) She had 4 starts and won 1st place once. 
Bella Rose (Below) was rescued together with Rosebud.  
Your kind and compassionate help is needed so that Bella Rose and Rosebud can receive the care and training they need.
Bella Rose and Rosebud are very bonded and we are looking ahead  so that they can stay together during the next stage of transition from rehab to training.

"We are working with individual members of the equestrian community to find positive solutions that will provide Bella Rose and Rosebud and others like them, with loving homes and lifelong care, "says Katia Louise, President Wild for Life Foundation.  "We are fortunate that caring individuals are willing to partner with our nonprofit rescue organization to help find creative solutions for horses with such dire need." Please contact WFLF-LER if you have room in your barn to provide foster care, or if you would like to adopt or help sponsor care for Rosebud and Bella Rose. 


You can reach out to us directly at WFLF's  Lifetime Equine Refuge.
Learn more about fostering and adopting through Lifetime Equine Refuge here: