July 2013 Horse slaughter Issue Update

Los Angeles, July 6, 2013,
The U.S.D.A. has given the green light for the gruesome practice of horse slaughter to resume on U.S. soil despite the fact that it puts people and horses in harm's way.

How can the USDA approve horse slaughter inspections when the FY14 Agriculture Appropriations bill currently includes the defunding language? 

The FY13 Agriculture Appropriations as signed by President Obama, March 26, 2013, did NOT include the defunding language... and that is bill which is still currently in place. The 
FY14 Agriculture Appropriations bill has not yet been fully passed. However the defunding language is now imbedded into The White House Budget therefore when the FY14 budget passes so will the likelihood of probable inspections for equine slaughter.

USDA inspections must take place on site at each U.S. slaughterhouse in order for its meat product to be legally available for interstate commerce. A former ban on the spending of taxpayer dollars for USDA inspections of horse slaughter, had helped to keep foreign special interests from slaughtering our horses inside the U.S. The  inclusion of that defunding language in the appropriations bill was however quietly stripped in Nov 2011, leaving America's horses virtually unprotected. The bill sat idle through 2012 and in January 2013 the House simply carried over the existing language - therefore the 2013 bill does NOT include the defunding clause.

Watch and share this new PSA series from WFLF, "International Health Alert" and "Duped", the U.S. horse slaughter cover-up puts people and horses in harm's way.

Now more than ever, we need to your to help the horses.  Stand with Us and stand united for the horses

Join the Saving America's Horses Initiative by pledging to keep the safety and the welfare of America's horses 1st. The Saving America’s Horses Initiative strives break the cycle of animal cruelty for America’s horses through cultivating action and inspiring social change for the protection of equines from abuse, cruelty and gruesome death.

If you oppose horse slaughter - “SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES is a scorched earth weapon aimed at incinerating the lies and ending horse slaughter with laser sharp truth...  An intelligent, powerful film... it's agent Orange to the lying, malevolence and greed that continue to exact a terribly cruel toll on horses and people. Please support this film,” -Paula Bacon, former mayor, Kaufman, TX .

Support the powerhouse documentary "Saving America's Horses" to help get this important film out to the public, onto TV and DVD.

More ways to help:
Call the main Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to the office of your state representative.. Urge them to strongly SUPPORT the defunding of horse slaughter inspections.  Also urge your state representatives to support the protective federal legislation: The Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2013 is a Bi-Partisan Bill that will protect the people and the horses

Call the White House at 202-456-1111 and ask the President to take a stand against horse slaughter.

Learn more: http://www.savingamericashorses.org/advocacy.html 

In a nutshell:
Proponents of slaughter argue that it would be better to slaughter horses in the U.S. where we can supposedly insure their humane treatment.  But numerous governmental reports and undercover investigations show that USDA inspections fail to stop insidious abuses from taking place inside our slaughterhouses. Substantial documented evidence reveals egregious violations and a total lack of enforcement by the USDA in U.S. horse slaughterhouses before they were shut down in 2007. If horse slaughter plants are reopened in the U.S., horses will undoubtedly suffer torturous agony on U.S. soil again.  
In the absence of a federal ban, over 100,000 American horses are shipped across federal borders to slaughter plants in Mexico and Canada each year and from there the horse meat is shipped primarily to the EU. America’s horses are treated with many substances known to be toxic to humans; substances that can be lethal when ingested by humans, and many of which have been banned from the human food chain in most countries. 

Support the protection of America's horses from the barbaric cruelty of slaughter...  Contact your U.S. senators and representatives in Washington, D.C., today to ask them to cosponsor the SAFE Act. The Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act is pending bill that if passed would ban horse slaughter in the U.S. as well as shipping horses to other countries to be slaughtered for human consumption. This bipartisan legislation, if passed will protect people and horses and would end the possibility of U.S. horse slaughter once and for all.

LEARN MORE: http://www.savingamericashorses.org/legislation.html

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