WFLF-LER Rescue News and Updates: June 2013

Los Angeles, June 8, 2013, Rescue News and Updates: 
More great news from Wild for Life Foundation! We are pleased to share some heartwarming progress made by our new family of rescues and tell you about WFLF's newest Fairy Tale Beginnings, but first; there are three horses and a donkey that need urgent help; a QH mare and filly whose lives are at stake right now,  and Diego a rescued Thoroughbred gelding, and little Marley, a sweet male standard size wooly donkey... here's the scoop -

The mare, Jazz is a 23 yr old registered QH.. she competed and road trails with her former

owner, then was used as a brood mare and she produced champions. The filly, Glimmering Hope is an unregistered QH yearling whose mother died shortly after she was born.  This little darling is a true survivor - weaned early... She's thin but otherwise healthy.   Their lives are at stake and we need to work quickly to bring them to safety.  As we initiate our plan of action, we are also taking donations and pledges for foster care, and assistance to help save their lives.  Please act now; time is of the essence.

Little Marley, the donkey needs urgent help!  We rescued Marley from Riverside Animal Services Sunday, June 2nd, but he has large infected wounds on both his front legs.  Poor little Marley had been found abandoned by animal control, but his prognosis is good.  Marley is now getting special medical care and we are working with him as he regains his trust in people.  Your support today for Marley will help cover his medical costs so that he can soon transition to a new forever home with a qualified adopter. He is halter broke and leads well, and trailers like a champ. Marley would make a wonderful companion donkey to other smaller equines.   Please make a donation to help support Marley's medical expenses today.

Diego is a rescued Thoroughbred that came in
straight from the CA slaughter pipeline where he had been dumped. Diego arrived to WFLF's sanctuary very thin, scared, no self esteem and with a bump on his face which we have been monitoring since. He has come a long ways since then - he's  now healthy, sound and a total charmer. In fact so charming that we nick named him Prince Diego.  He has completed his rehab and was the very next in line for training, but during his last check up it was discovered that his bump on his face has grown.  Prince Diego's x-rays indicate that the lump is boney tissue and now he needs an MRI to make sure the lump can be safely removed before it grows any larger.  Prince Diego is a sweetheart. He went through training at Monty Robert's, he's healthy, he trailers, trims,  and gets along with other horses well. Prince Diego would make someone a nice dressage horse or lovely companion trail riding horse, but he needs support from kind and compassionate people like you so that he can get the urgent medical care he needs before it's too late. Please click to support Diego today

Please consider helping to support Wild for Life Foundation's equine rescue efforts with a donation to our emergency rescue fund today. Your tax deductible donation to Wild for Life Foundation will in deed save lives

Sponsors are needed to help rescue horses in need. You can sponsor their feed, their rehab, their training, or if you have room in your barn and your heart for just one more, you can make a big difference providing short or long term foster care. Experienced equine care providers that would like to help to foster or adopt a horse or donkey in need are invited to join WFLF's Safe Haven Network. With your help, these equines and many others like them can be placed in safe and loving new forever homes. 

May's Fairy Tale Beginnings:
In May we rescued Jesse-Belle, an 18 year old Thoroughbred/QH cross, whose life was at
stake. JesseBelle was an owner surrender that came into our program in urgent need of medical care that her previous owner could not provide.  Jesse-Belle was thin and in extreme pain with symptoms that suggested she may have foundered. We are happy to report that she is receiving the best of care and her condition is improving thanks to your kind and generous support. 

Thanks to the kind and generous support of people like you, Coco an Arabian mix mare and Rocky, an Arabian/QH stallion rescued together in March are making a fantastic come back!

Check out Coco's before and after photos -- and what a little cutie.  She's filling in beautifully and has a gorgeous new coat.  Coco is ready to transition into a loving foster or a new forever home, but she's really attached to Rocky and after all they have been through, we are doing everything we can to keep them together.

Rocky is doing great too and he is such a mellow and willing horse.  When we rescued Rocky he was too weak to step into the trailer but he is thriving and basking in the love and care he's received since his rescue.  This gentle boy of approx 10 yrs old has now been gelded and is ready to transition out of our special care unit into a loving foster or new forever home with Coco.

Remember Bella Rose and Rosebud? These two Thoroughbred mares had been
neglected by their previous owner.  WFLF-LER partnered with Riverside County Animal Services where they had been taken in and thanks to kind and generous supporters like you, we rescued Bella Rose and Rosebud through Wild for Life Foundation's Lifetime Equine Refuge. We are happy to report that Bella Rose and Rosebud are coming along nicely and doing very well.  They are putting on much needed weight and getting caught up with plenty of love and TLC.  Bella Rose and Rosebud are very bonded and we are looking ahead  so that they can stay together during the next stage of transition from rehab to training. 

"We are working with individual members of the equestrian community to find positive solutions that will provide Bella Rose and Rosebud and others like them, with loving homes and lifelong care, "says Katia Louise, President Wild for Life Foundation.  "We are fortunate that caring individuals are willing to partner with our nonprofit rescue organization to help find creative solutions for horses with such dire need."

(Right) Rosebud aka Carousel Delight (2002) is a former CA racehorse. She had 4 starts and won 1st place once. (April 2013)

(Left) Bella Rose at Riverside Co Animal Services.. she had come in together with Rosebud. (April 2013)

And remember Louie? It's Like a Fairy Tale Come True: Louie, a 22 yr old former racehorse, (53 starts, took 1st place twice, and who has seen many years since), with strong trail riding background and a heart of a foal, had become very thin and weak as his former owner was unable to feed and care for him any longer. Wild for Life Foundation representatives assessed his situation and found this gentle gelding in dire need. We rescued Louie and took him under our care in April.   
Louie Lou Eye has been successfully placed in a new forever home through the WFLF-LER adoption program where he is thriving and having the time of his life with his new guardian! 

Do you have room in your heart and in your barn? Those interested and experienced in equine care, training, or transport are invited to join WFLF's Safe Haven Network by volunteering, or helping to foster or adopt a horse in need. With your help, these horses and others like them will always be safe and cared for.
Princess, a really sweet 13 yr old off track Thoroughbred mare that had raced for several years and then was used as a brood mare, was later dumped into the slaughter pipeline, injured, very thin, terribly weak and trembling with fear. We rescued Princess and thanks to kind and generous supporters like you, she is in rehab at WFLF's sanctuary where she is thriving and is coming along nicely.

Wild for Life Foundation is deeply grateful to the kind and caring members of the equestrian community who have generously donated their support to help provide for horses in these times of dire need. With your support we are saving lives and making wishes come true. Thank you!!!     

Arrow, the 16 year old Appy mare, that we rescued in March is doing fantastic! And the
foster care provider who has been taking care of her is making application to adopt her!  Arrow has arthritis in her rear legs and just needed a safe and loving place with a small pasture where she could live out her years.  We are thrilled for Arrow and looking forward to many happy and healthy years ahead for her.

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