WFLF-LER Rescue News and Updates, April 2013

Los Angeles, April 22, 2013, Rescue News and Updates: 
Wild for Life Foundation is off to a busy start this year, with several new rescue missions in progress, starving horses saved and Fairy Tale Beginnings underway.

Like a Fairy Tale Come True: Meet Louie, a 22 yr old former racehorse, (53 starts, took 1st place twice, and who has seen many years since), with strong trail riding background and a heart of a foal. Louie had become very thin and weak as his owner, a Riverside Co resident, was unable to feed and care for him any longer. Wild for Life Foundation representatives assessed his situation and found this gentle gelding in dire need. We rescued Louie and took him under our care in April.   
We are thrilled to announce that we have placed Louie Lou Eye in a new forever home through the WFLF-LER adoption program - we were lucky to have an approved adopter waiting for just the right horse... Louie!!

 Congrats to Louie and your new guardian! 

Meet Bella Rose and Rosebud, two neglected Thoroughbred mares formerly taken in by Riverside Animal Services. 

The photo on the right was taken the day we found Rosebud at Riverside Co Animal Services -- Rosebud aka Carousel Delight (2002) is a former CA racehorse. She had 4 starts and won 1st place once

(Left) Bella Rose at Riverside Co Animal Services.. she had come in together with Rosebud.

Thanks to kind and generous supporters like you, we rescued Bella Rose and Rosebud through Wild for Life Foundation's Lifetime Equine Refuge, and they are now getting caught up on some much needed TLC.
“We are grateful to the kind hearted people who are helping to make this rescue mission possible,” said Katia Louise, president, WFLF-LER.  “This is just the beginning for these horses and WFLF-LER is fortunate that caring individuals are willing to partner with our nonprofit rescue organization to help find creative solutions for horses with such dire need.”

Those interested in helping these horses recover are invited to support this rescue mission with a tax deductible donation to Wild for Life Foundation. Experienced equine care providers interested in helping to foster or adopt a horse in need are invited to join WFLF's Safe Haven Network. With your help, these horses and others like them can be placed in safe and loving homes with a second chance at life. 

This little potbelly piggy, (right below) now named "Georgie", was also rescued from Riverside Animal Services by Wild for Life Foundation in April.

We are happy to announce that we have a new forever home all lined up for him where he will get to hang out in the barn amongst some horses, bond with another pig, and be loved and cared for as he deserves. Many thanks to all those who helped make this rescue effort a great success :)  

Rocky, a QH stallion rescued together in March with Coco an Arabian mix are putting on some much needed weight at WFLF's special care location. 

Here's Rocky- one week, post rescue and settling in.
He's got sparkle in his eyes - he's like a new horse. 

Coco (left) ..upon intake. It's going to take a little while to put weight on for these horses and they are going to need some TLC, but they are both so gentle and have already shown great promise.  

Rocky - Soaks up the suds on a sunny Saturday afternoon, 1st week into his rescue -- He's lovin' the attention! This boy is a total sweetheart.

Coco - warms up to her 1st bath, one wk post rescue. Check out the sparkle in her eye - it's a new day, a whole new world and a new life just ahead for Coco...

Coco - one week into her rescue. She's just settling in, and her inner beauty is already shining through


Arrow, a healthy16 year old Appy mare, that had been over worked in barrel racing..  was abandoned after she could no longer perform. We rescued Arrow from a good Samaritan who had tried to help her but fell on hard times. Thanks to the generous assistance of supporters like you - Arrow will now always know peace and harmony of safe surroundings. Arrow has arthritis in her rear legs and just needed a safe and loving place with a small pasture where she could live out her years. Arrow currently has an adopter pending through WFLF-LER.  

Princess, a really sweet 13 yr old off track Thoroughbred mare that had raced for several years and then was used as a brood mare, was later dumped into the slaughter pipeline, injured, very thin, terribly weak and trembling with fear. We rescued Princess and thanks to kind and generous supporters like you, she is in rehab at WFLF's sanctuary and is coming along nicely.

Wild for Life Foundation is deeply grateful to the kind and caring members of the equestrian community who have generously donated their support to help provide for horses in these times of dire need. With your support we are saving lives and making wishes come true. Thank you!!!      

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