For every horse that needed that 2nd chance

Dear friends and supporters, 

Wild for Life Foundation - Lifetime Equine Refuge would like to extend our utmost gratitude to everyone for your generous donations and support. We know these are extremely hard times for a lot of people and that's one of the reasons why equine rescue is so important.

WFLF's educational film project, SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES, is for every horse whose owner has fallen onto hard times, for every horse that needed that 2nd chance at life but whose family had to let him go, for the abused and neglected horses and burros, and all the wild horses taken away from their families and their lands, and for all of America's horses that were killed at slaughter over the years, and for all our horses across this great nation of ours that will continue to face the barbaric death of slaughter until we the public can stand as one and protect them. 

Thank you everyone for your support. We at Wild for Life Foundation will remain vigilant to our mission to save, protect and preserve America's equines; until they are safe. 

Many blessings from, 
Lifetime Equine Refuge
Wild for Life Foundation