Saving America's Horses takes Kansas City Film Fest by Storm

SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES takes Kansas City Film Fest by storm with it's powerful and lingering message. The international award winning film made a powerful impact on festival goers in Kansas City and was the film everyone was talking about all week long. "That's very good for horses," says Paula Bacon, former mayor Kaufman TX.

The horses' presence was seen and felt everywhere, throughout the festival, with gorgeous life size SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES displays in the lobbies and entryways at multiple festival venues and after parties. The SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES promo spot starring Paula Bacon, Paul Sorvino and Linda Gray played at the top of every movie all week long as excitement mounted for the film to screen.

Fueled by the spirit of the horse, the movie sweeps its viewers off their feet, empowering them and inspiring them to get involved on behalf of the horses. "The impact was off the charts," says filmmaker Katia Louise.  "The tremendous buzz about the horses rippled through the festival and with the support from fans and horse advocates our reach to the public more than tripled in just a few days on the internet." 

As anticipation escalated for the film to screen so did nature's fury with supercell tornadoes shutting down airports and delaying flights. That same  perfect storm was heading straight for Kansas City, but it didn't stop Paula Bacon, (former mayor Kaufman TX) and Dr Lester Friedlander, (former USDA Chief Inspector) from appearing and speaking at the Kansas City screen's premiere.

Paula Bacon is the former mayor of Kaufman, Texas, which until 2007 had the foreign-owned Dallas Crown horse slaughter plant. "A horse slaughter plant creates expensive environmental problems for taxpayers and stigmatizes the community as 'that place where they slaughter horses' -- Good development goes elsewhere,"  Bacon said. "The horse slaughter plant did not make our community money--we paid."

Festival goers were stunned  by Dr. Friedlander's statements underscoring how federal laws do not protect the horses in the U.S. "USDA vets are pressured by the slaughter plant owners to overlook violations to cruelty laws so they can make more money," Friedlander said. 

Paula Bacon, one of the film's lead cast and speakers in SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES is also an Executive Advisory Board member for the film. Dr Lester Friedlander is a cast and speaker for the film project and Katia Louise is the director/ producer of the film. SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES - A NATION BETRAYED is an educational film project under Wild for Life Foundation, a 501 c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving horses.

SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES wins the highest 5 STAR votes by a landslide, adding to its multiple international awards as it continues to showcase through the festival circuit.

Concerned citizens and horse advocates are encouraged to support the SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES Coast to Coast campaign to help bring this film to public release.

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