The Gift of Life for a Horse

America's horses have been making the news, and with the downturn in the economy, the price of hay doubling and with slaughter auctions still preying on our innocent horses for their flesh, we are handling more rescues and seeing more owner surrenders than ever. We're teaming up with partnering rescues to help place more horses, but the price of hay is soaring with no relief in sight. It's a constant struggle to save as many as possible and to keep the rescue horses fed day to day. There is something you can do to help though; Wild for Life Foundation is asking supporters to please make a lifesaving donation to help feed rescue horses.
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Hay can mean the difference between  life and death to a horse; it's one of the most important continuing expenses in caring for them. Your donation will not only help to feed the horses currently at WFLF's Lifetime Equine Refuge but will ensure our ability to secure the future for more horses in need. Wild for Life Foundation is asking supporters to please make a donation to help feed rescue horses.

Give the gift of life by supporting our hay drive.

You can show your support by making a donation on line or by mailing a check to WFLF.

Slaughter-bound, neglected, abused; each of these innocent and well deserving horses has endured a personal tale of sorrow. Please help us bring them the simple comfort and security of three steady meals a day by making your generous donation today.

We understand that there's competition for every dollar today. So many needs are worthy and serious which means that horses  can  end up overlooked.  Whatever you can give to our hay drive will go a long way in helping to provide love, care and a second chance at life.

You can donate HERE or through our Cause page on Facebook. All donations are tax deductible and appreciated more than you know. And please remember that no donation is too great or too small.

With the generous support of people who care, we are able to save lives and protect these horses from unspeakable cruelty. Please help us make sure that rescue horses will always be cared for and never forgotten.

Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts. You make it possible for Wild for Life Foundation to continue to help the horses.


Katia Louise
President Wild for Life Foundation