8 NV Wild Horses Need Help Now

Dear friends and horse advocates,

We received the following information about 8 wild horses in NV.  Since they were trapped on NV Ag lands they do not have the same protection as the wild horses on BLM lands and are instead considered feral. Feral horses trapped and removed by the NV Dept of Ag are subject to sale or auction. However the NV Department of Ag will be making them available for adoption for a limited period of time.  If you can help one or more of these horses by adopting them please contact Jim R Barbee, Director, Nevada Department of Agriculture, directly at the number provided below. 

We have no further information at this time but will update details as they become available.

Message received:
We have picked up 8 horses through our traps, they will be advertised through Mason Valley Newspaper. In summary we will offer them for adoption at $90 per horse based on the cost of feed and processing. Any horses that are not adopted will be sent to the Fallon livestock Sale. All adoption will require the horse to be removed from the warm springs facility on the day of adoption. Ownership will be transferred to the adoptee on the day of the adoption. I will follow up on the exact date when I receive the final draft of the advertisement. Thanks Jim

Jim R Barbee
Director, Nevada Department of Agriculture
405 S. 21st Street
Sparks, NV 89431-5557
Phone 775-353-3613

Thank you,
Katia Louise

Lifetime Equine Refuge
Wild for Life Foundation
Saving America's Horses