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Quarterly News October 2011

Princess B 
Princess B had seven starts placing 1st and 3rd once and she came in 2nd two times, with a total earnings of $32,960 over a two year spread. This gorgeous mare wanted to please and win for her owners, but just didn’t have it in her to make it to the top. After racing she was retired as a brood mare for several years, but then was later sent to auction and was sold for slaughter. Lifetime Equine Refuge partnered with Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue to save Princess B just before she was shipped.  When Princess B arrived Lifetime Equine Refuge we could see that she had not been treated like a Princess for some time. Her feet were long overdue for trimming; she was very thin, depressed, worn out and traumatized.

Thanks to your generous donations WFLF Lifetime Equine Refuge will be providing lifetime care for Princess B through our Garden of Equine Sanctuary program. We are happy to report that Princess is starting to put on weight and the old injury to her left front leg that was discovered upon intake doesn’t seem to bother her with light to moderate exercise. As an older horse with such good manners and a sweet personality she is also considered as a string potential candidate for therapeutic programs.

Healing Hearts of Horses
Lifetime Equine Refuge’ officially launched its Garden of Equine sanctuary and an enrichment program this summer, featuring our rescued horses. Through this program we provide humane education and compassionate mentoring with equine assisted learning to children and adults. Through the healing hearts of horses the Garden of Equine program inspires compassion and respect for animals while instilling hope, love and reverence for wild and domestic equines.

Molly is a beautiful spirit with a sweet heart. Before being rescued she served for many years at a riding stable but endured the hardships of neglect along the way. When we found her she had gone blind in one eye from an untreated injury and the other eye was severely inflamed, her feet had not been done in over two years and there were no vaccine records for her. Today, Molly’s story together with her wise and gentle manner is helping special needs youth to open their hearts to hope for a new future.

Thank you all for your continued support for the horses. To learn more please visit