Senate to Vote re Appropriations Language

URGENT! Calls needed to your Senators to stop appropriations for horse slaughter

A full senate vote is scheduled this week; time is of the essence. Please call your senators and tell them you do not want funding for horse inspections. The senate bill should mirror the house bill by removing inspections for horses.

This is a financial bill therefore the economics are the important point to make. Comments should be factual and to the point. Humane issues are addressed with the bill to end horse slaughter - S 1176.

Points to make:
Don't waste valuable tax dollars to inspect animals that are not regulated as food animals. The limited funding dollars available for inspectors should be used to inspect our own food supply. Also it's a violation of the federal meat inspection act for the slaughter plants to pay for their own inspections.

The same number of horses are being slaughtered as when the plants were open proving there is no correlation between increases in neglect or a drop in horse prices and the availability of horse slaughter.

Horse slaughter encourages over breeding of horses that continuously feeds the slaughter pipeline. The insignificant revenue from horse slaughter that represents 3 cents on every $100 earned, does not impact the horse industry.

Locate your Senators here: