Summer Lovin' for Rescue Horses!

Summer is kicking off with a bang this year! Several of Wild for Life Foundation's rescue horses under the care of Lifetime Equine Refuge and Rescue (WFLF's rescue program) have been able to relocate to a new equine facility in Southern California.

WFLF Lifetime Equine Refuge and Rescue is honored to announce their new equine rescue facility. It's on a private ranch called Iris Creek Ranch. The ranch is donating approximately two acres of land use for stable space to WFLF to benefit these very special horses in need. In honor of the donors' request their identity shall remain anonymous.

It's been very busy around the ranch with all the corrals, stalls and fencing coming in for the horses, plus brush clearing, tree trimming and trench digging. WFLF would like to extend their most heartfelt gratitude to the generous volunteers that have come out to the new facility to help with getting it set up.

The lucky new equine residents are receiving much needed attention and care throughout the day.  Each horse is fed quality hay and supplements to fit their individual dietary needs such as weight, breed, activity level and background. All horses get 2-4 hours of turn out time every day for self exercise and socialization. The facility is monitored 24/7 and the stables and fencing are safety checked on a regular basis.

We are an all volunteer 501 (c)(3) nonprofit CA public benefit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extend permitted by law. Volunteer services and services provided at a discount are very much appreciated.

Trainers, farriers, veterinary care and other specialized equine care givers are sought for the horses at this facility. Volunteer groomers, handlers and stable hands are also needed. If you love horses and would like to help please contact us directly at  Donated services and discounted services qualify as In-Kind Donations and re tax deductible.

We also need many things for the horses such as a shed, tack and more pipe panels.  Tax deductible receipts are available for donated items. Please contact us directly to make arrangements for your donated items.  If you are in the Southern California area we may be able to come them pick up.  Please check our Wish List on the Lifetime Equine Refuge website to learn more.

Tell your friends about Lifetime Equine RefugeDonate!  We rely on your generous support to provide for the ongoing needs of these well deserving horses. These horses are among the lucky few that have been saved from slaughter. The majority of the horses that enter the slaughter pipeline are never seen again. Please help us to make sure these horses are cared for and never forgotten. They are a living testament to the will of the American public; that horses are non-food animals and deserve to be treated humanely. No equine should ever have to suffer the fate of slaughter. Sponsors are needed for hay and basic on going care. No amount is too small.

Despite the banning of horse slaughter in California in 1998, many CA Thoroughbreds along with other breeds, still wind up on meat hooks in Mexico and Canada. Regardless of the closing of the last three slaughter plants in the US in 2007, hundreds of thousands of horses and burros from all over the county have continued suffer the most barbaric cruelties as result of this insidious practice.  You can help us put a end to horse slaughter with a meaningful donation to our educational media program which is currently in production on a feature length documentary film entitled "Saving America's Horses".

Supporters may set up private tours/ appointments to visit the horses by contacting the rescue at