Thoroughbreds, Mustangs and Paints!

April has been an exciting month for horses at Lifetime Equine Refuge and our horses are feeling the love! 

WFLF Lifetime Equine Refuge is honored to extend our sincere gratitude to Randal Kleiser (Grease,  Blue Lagoon) for graciously sponsoring corral space for two of our most recently rescued Thoroughbreds, Giselle and Carmel.  Randal helped to save their lives and we could not have rescued them without his generous support.

These two beauties arrived last month and have been able to find tranquility on a very special private ranch, thanks to Randal. Randal is also an experienced horseman and he was quick to offer his open corrals the moment he learned about their need. Randal Kleiser has been an internationally known film director since the release of his first feature, Grease, the most successful movie musical ever made. Other features include The Blue Lagoon, Summer Lovers, Honey I Blew Up the Kids and White Fang.
We would also like to thank John R Murrell for his generous donation which made it possible for us to pull Carmel to safety. Special thanks to Saving Horses Inc and the Fans of Barbaro for the funds needed to pull Giselle to safety and for their support toward feed for a month.

Carmel, an off track thoroughbred actually took 1st place in her last race, winning over $30,000 and Giselle never had a chance to start. WFLF Lifetime Equine Refuge has taken in these two Thoroughbreds and we will be providing them with the care and time they need to fully recuperate and transition. Donations are needed for Giselle and Carmel's ongoing feed, vaccines and farrier.  Your gifts are greatly appreciated.

Lifetime Equine Refuge would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the many supporters who helped us achieve the successful long term placement for three rescued Mustangs, Shelby, Smudge and Gypsy. We are honored to announce that WFLF LERR Board Member, Michael Blake (Dances With Wolves) has graciously become the new long term care provider for these three lucky Mustangs.  They arrived earlier this month at Michael's private ranch in Arizona.

Gypsy and Smudge are two Mustangs that were rounded up and removed from their legal herd area in Northern CA, by the BLM. They went through the adoption process and were trained by a reputable wild horse trainer, but these two free spirited wilds just were not cut out for a life of domestic servitude.  Their previous owner later relinquished them to a person they thought would provide a good home for them, but sadly they were "scammed" and these two very special horses wound up on a feedlot bound for slaughter. Shelby is another rescued Mustang that came from the same herd as Smudge and Gypsy at the Carter Res HMA. Shelby too had been down the long road of post BLM adoption and recently found herself orphaned.
Whether it was luck or meant to be, these three Mustangs eventually wound up back together again. WFLF Lifetime Equine Refuge has taken them in and Michael Blake has accepted them as part of his family.
Through the generosity of Michael Blake; Shelby, Gypsy and Smudge will now be able to live out the rest of her lives together in peace. Michael has a lifetime of experience with both wild and domestic horses. He is dedicated to their well being and has created a special sanctuary for them to call home. To learn more about Michael's rich and colorful background with wild horses, read his recent memoir, "Twelve, the King".
This has been a collaborative effort and we are thankful for the assistance of Saving Horses Inc who raised the funds for the Professional Transport services. We also extend our sincere appreciation to the Fans of Barbaro for their generous support.

Lifetime Equine Refuge is proud to extend a very special thanks to Dr Elliot Katz of In Defense of Animals for being there to help us save Papala and Tawaci, two Mustangs that were recently bound for slaughter.  IDA generously donated the needed funds for their bail and transport.  It really came down to the wire for these two horses, but this was a collaborative rescue effort. We would also like to extend a very special thanks to Neda DeMayo of Return to Freedom for being there to help with QT and toward facilitating the adoption of these two Mustangs. They are gorgeous, very much alive and safe!!  We appreciate all of your support.

Lifetime Equine Refuge also recently rescued a Paint Quarter Horse mare named Gracie. This beautiful horse had been used for breeding and when she couldn't produce any more, Gracie was dumped.  We would like to extend our appreciation to Saving Horses Inc for their generous support in helping to facilitate her rescue and for helping to raise the funds needed for her bail. We rescued Gracie just this month and found a place for her with the help of Mustang Spirit who placed her in foster care. Gracie is doing very well.
Thank you all for your continued support for the horses.  Please visit our website to learn more.


Katia Louise

Executive Director
Lifetime Equine Refuge
Wild for Life Foundation
Saving America's Horses A Nation Betrayed